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May 8, 2015

Chris Stroud


Q. Chris Stroud, 3-under 69 in the second round. Are you happy with that score?
CHRIS STROUD: You know, considering how poorly I hit it the last couple of days, I drove it very poorly. I scrambled really well today, made some great par saves, almost made a great save on the last hole. I've hit it so great the last two weeks in New Orleans and Hilton Head, and I've putted awful, and this week is the complete opposite. I'm hitting it very average but I'm making putts. That's the balance of the game, and right now I feel really good on the greens, and now it's just a matter of getting on the greens, so I've got to go work on the swing a little bit, tighten it up, try to get the ball in the fairway. The rough is a little thicker than it has been in years past, and it's tricky. If you miss a green or a fairway, it is a really tough call. They've got it set up absolutely perfect.

Q. The fact that you are scrambling really well, if something clicks in your swing, you're really going to be in good shape.
CHRIS STROUD: I've been saying that for the last few months. I've been hitting it well since Pebble, and I've been saying as soon as I can get the scoring back down, because I wasn't scoring well. Now I'm starting to score better -- it's all the combinations. We all know how it goes out here. Just get the scoring going, and then as soon as you have a couple days, just a couple nine-hole stretches, you're in the lead. It's a tight race, and it's going to be really tough. The guys that are playing really well are going to be able to separate themselves because you can make some really good birdies out here with some great shots and good putts. Over four days if you don't hit the ball well out here, you're going to struggle, so I'm going to go out there and tighten the swing up a little bit. For some reason I'm pulling my irons and pushing my driver, so I've got to figure out what's going on.
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