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May 7, 2015

Kevin Na


Q. Talk about your round. Overall thoughts. 4-under in perfect conditions?
KEVIN NA: Five. Five.

Q. 5-under in perfect conditions is a nice score out here. I'm sure you love the score that you shot to start.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I played really well today. I struck it beautifully, and it was playing very difficult out there. I was able to make six birdies. The only bogey I made was a 3-putt, but overall I putted very well.

Q. How much patience is tested out here, just when to hit the gas and when to pull back?
KEVIN NA: Well, this golf course, it's a very difficult golf course, and if you're not on top of your game, it's going to be very difficult to score. There's some holes out there where you just have to play it safe, maybe make sure you get it in play and that's -- and then when you have the chance to get aggressive you have to pull off the perfect shot.

Q. Any advantage to the late tee time today?
KEVIN NA: Not today.

Q. Late today, early tomorrow though?
KEVIN NA: We'll see how the weather is tomorrow, but today was definitely not an advantage. I thought the wind was going to die down late afternoon, but it kept blowing hard and maybe even harder.

Q. Talk about the holes you had to play safe. Is that 18 and some of those?
KEVIN NA: All depends on which way the wind's blowing, but 18 is definitely one of them. You take four pars and you run. That 17, even some of the pins, you kind of feel like, you know, you've got a wedge or 9-iron, I think I can go at this, but you got to get that out of your head.
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