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May 7, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q. We know how much this tournament means to you. Describe how satisfying that opening round of 70 was.
JIM FURYK: It was a solid round. I didn't play the par-5s well, three pars and a bogey, but the rest of the golf course I felt like I played very well. I left a few putts out there, but the greens are very tricky, they're grainy, and there probably wasn't a lot of putts holed today would be my guess.

Q. And also swirling wind, as well. Let's talk through some of your highlights. This was at 10.
JIM FURYK: Hit a beautiful drive and a 9-iron to this point. This was one of the putts I read right, missed a couple there to finish up the front nine. It was nice to get one to go in on the back nine.

Q. And then this at 13?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, this is a smooth 7-iron here, pretty much took it right at the pin the whole way over the water, and I think it ends up six feet here behind the whole. Little tricky left-to-righter, but I was able to squeak it in the right side of the hole.

Q. As you said, a solid round, and obviously we know the form you're in. It was fabulous to watch a few weeks ago at Hilton Head. Just describe the relief of what it felt like.
JIM FURYK: It was a day where a lot of putts went in. I started out five shots behind, 63, and then still had to birdie the first two holes of the playoff just to win the golf tournament, so 11 birdies in 20 holes, you can bet that I made a bunch of putts that day.

Q. That reaction said it all. What was the outpouring of relief and the satisfaction to get back in the winner's circle?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, usually when you don't win for a while, that first emotion is relief. This one was actually just happy. It was a joyous day. I enjoyed it. My wife and I had a charitable foundation, we had our big golf tournament here in Ponte Vedra right after that, so I was able to come back and celebrate with friends, family and about 300 guests at a party. It was a long party.

Q. Talk about what a good week here would mean for you.
JIM FURYK: Well, it's my home event. It's a golf course that quite honestly I don't play that much when I'm here. It's a golf course that I really haven't ever been that very comfortable on it throughout my career, but the last four or five years, I kind of think I've gotten -- I wouldn't say I've got it figured out, but I've gotten more comfortable. I've attacked it more. I played well last year, so kind of trying to build on that momentum. Today wasn't a -- I didn't set the world on fire, but to go out there and shoot 2-under, be four or five shots back and in good position.

Q. 2-under par, afternoon wave, a lot of guys have been walking in looking completely beat up. How tough were these conditions as the day progressed?
JIM FURYK: It's hard to figure out exactly where the wind is coming from. It's mostly from the northeast, but it favors the north sometimes, favors the east. You've got some shots out there like at 17 and 18 where you'd better figure out where it's coming from or you drop one in the water and all of a sudden make a double. Conditions I felt were difficult, tricky, but the greens are receptive. They're somewhat soft. So if you do hit a good golf shot you can hold the greens and you can finish. Usually in years past when they were firm in these type of conditions, this golf course could almost become unplayable.

Q. You're a hometown guy, you live here, you don't play TPC Sawgrass very often. It can almost be a detriment because you have expectations of this course when it's not in the form that we see it this week. Is there something to that?
JIM FURYK: Well, there could be. They treat us well out here, and a lot of guys will come out early and play the front or go play nine holes on the back. I come out and hit balls sometimes, but I really don't do much short game work here, and I do most of my practice at my other club. You know, they've cut out some rounds, but it's a busy place. There's people from all over the globe that want to play TPC Sawgrass. I just kind of choose to go to another club and be a little more quiet and ride around in a cart and throw my shorts on. This is a shorts and tee shirt and flip-flop town. That's why I love it so much.

Q. Mentally where are you right now? You come from that win at the RBC Heritage, you finish fourth at Match Play which is mentally exhausting no matter where you're at, you come into a very challenging tournament that Tabitha has been saying this is the one you want to win, of course. Mentally where are you right now coming off such a great stretch?
JIM FURYK: Well, I'm in a good spot. I'm a little tired, and I've been kind of trying to catch up on sleep. That seven rounds through five days last week, seven competitive rounds through five days threw me for a loop a little bit, I was pretty tired. I still feel like my legs were a little tired after last week. Mentally I'm in a good frame. I know my game is in good shape, it's just a matter of being patient, kind of letting it happen and not trying to force things because if you do that out here, it'll bite you.
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