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May 6, 2015

Fernando Verdasco


6‑7, 7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in Spanish, please.

Q.テつ I just wanted to know, after these two hard matches, how do you feel physically?テつ You are playing Ferrer next.
FERNANDO VERDASCO:テつ I'm very tired.テつ I have already told Ferrer in the locker room, I'm really, really tired.テつ Tomorrow you're going to beat me silly, so he builds up his confidence.
No, no, I'm kidding.テつ We get on very well.テつ Well, it's true that I've had two tough matches, and hopefully I can do well tomorrow and I can have the level that I want to have, that I would like to have.

Q.テつ With Garcia‑Lopez you played on the central court.テつ Today you played on Court No. 3.テつ Is there a lot of difference between the courts?テつ Do you prefer the central court, a bigger court?
FERNANDO VERDASCO:テつ Well, No. 3 court, the feelings are I think a little bit faster.テつ That's my feeling because it's smaller.テつ I think that today, I don't know, I think that it was hotter or maybe the court was a little bit more dry.
It got dry very easily and there was not a lot of sand left.テつ With a player like Cilic, because of the way that he serves, well, that makes everything more complicated.
Well, Guillermo just has a different style; he plays differently.テつ I think with tomorrow's match with Ferrer, from what they've told me, it's going to be on the central court.テつ That's what I've been told.
Well, I always like to play in the central court in these kind of tournaments.

Q.テつ Yesterday's match and today's, both of them you started losing and today you just came back.テつ People are very happy with these matches.
FERNANDO VERDASCO:テつ Well, I would have liked to win it in two sets, of course.テつ But sometimes you lose the first set and then you just to have fight to come back and turn it around.
Yesterday in the second set and the third set the score was a little more clear, and today I was close to lose with 5‑2 down in the tiebreak of the second set.
I managed to turn it around in that tiebreak.テつ Of course that gave me confidence, energy, in order to play the third set and be able to win the match.

Q.テつ Today you have beaten the champion of the US Open.テつ Is this one of your best victories of the season?
FERNANDO VERDASCO:テつ Yes, of course.テつ /it's clear that he's a really good player, even though after the US Open he hasn't played a lot because he has been injured.テつ I think that his last injury was something with his shoulder, but it's obvious that whenever he plays really well he's a player that gives you a lot of pressure with his serve.
Also when he returns the ball.テつ He really doesn't have‑‑ he doesn't leave any spaces where you can play him a little bit more.テつ He has a really good backhand and forehand, and he's a player if you normally play him short he's going to get in very well on the court.
He puts a lot of pressure on you.テつ He opens very good angles, and it's pretty complicated to play against him.テつ If not, of course he would not have won a Grand Slam, as he did last year.テつ At the end, you have to try to play day after day as good as you can.テつ Every match is different.
Of course here in Madrid the conditions are perhaps a little bit more different to other tournaments due to the altitude.テつ I'm from here, so I'm maybe a little bit more adapted than other players, adapted to the conditions we have here in Madrid.
I have to try to take advantage of that.

Q.テつ Right now you were just saying that you were adapted to the courts here in Madrid.テつ Do you think that that's going to make tomorrow's match against Ferrer more tight?
FERNANDO VERDASCO:テつ I wish.テつ I wish that that helps me.テつ I wish I will have a good level tomorrow to be able to have the opportunity to win tomorrow's match.テつ It's going to be a very tough match.テつ We all know how tough it is to play David, no matter which surface you're playing on.
In order to win tomorrow's match, of course I have to play my best level.テつ I've been training the whole week.テつ I find myself well.テつ If I'm not tired due to those two days and if I'm fresh with my legs and playing my game, well perhaps I will have options to win tomorrow.
Of course I have to play very calmly and just go point by point.テつ Hopefully everything will work fine and I will have possibilities.

Q.テつ You were talking about the way that you won these two last matches.テつ How do you feel about tomorrow's match?テつ Physically better?テつ Mentally?
FERNANDO VERDASCO:テつ The second thing, I hope I am mentally stronger.テつ Mentally of course it helps that I have just won two matches after losing the first set.
I have been training well, so my confidence is fine.テつ I have been training well with all of the players I've been training with and I just feel good.
As I said before, I wish that these two matches, two three‑set matches‑‑テつ Ferrer just played one today.テつ I hope that a physical difference is not a key point tomorrow.
I've played six sets and he has only played two.テつ But Masters 1000s are really tough.テつ Whenever you play top eight and you are not as him, well, that's the advantage they have.
You know, you have to accept it.テつ Tomorrow I'll try to be as good as possible.テつ I'll try to be mentally ready.テつ David is going to be 100%, and that's what you have to ask yourself.

Q.テつ Tomorrow you're playing Ferrer, which is not maybe Grand Slam winner.テつ Five years ago you had your big victory against him.テつ Are you thinking about that when you face a match like tomorrow?
FERNANDO VERDASCO:テつ You know, I didn't know I had beat him five years ago.テつ I don't stop to think of those things.テつ I just don't think about that.
As I said before, every single match is a new story.テつ Each tournament you have different feelings.テつ For me, the only important thing is tomorrow's match.
It's the only thing I'm focused on.テつ I feel well, and I'm going to go out there to win the match.テつ That's everything I know.
If it doesn't work out, well, there is nothing you can do about it.テつ At the end, I have nothing to lose and I have a lot of things to win.
He's in the top 8, and even though this is my city, I'm not even a seeded player.テつ Only thing I have is a lot of motivation, and I want to make it really far.
Tomorrow is just the next step.テつ It's an obstacle on my way and I'll try to give my best.

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