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August 6, 2004

Bob Tway


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome Bob Tway. After back to back rounds of nine points, you're currently second place in the clubhouse with 18 total points.

27 holes today, Bob, first thing you said was it's nice to get off your feet. Talk a little about that.

BOB TWAY: Well, it is a long day, there's no doubt about it. It's difficult walking here, everybody knows that, and to have to do 27 is even that much more difficult. Guys that have to do more than that, it's even more punishing.

With four or five holes to go, we could hear the thunder rumbling and just hope and pray for it to get done so we don't have to not sit around here for three or four hours. It was nice this morning. Even though the golf course was still, wet it's in very good shape. The greens were nice and receptive. So the golf course played good. I think just walking around when it's wet like this is too difficult.

TODD BUDNICK: Others that were in before were actually very impressed at how quickly the superintendents got the course in good shape.

BOB TWAY: Well, you think about it, basically two days in a row, just ridiculous amounts of rain and to get all of those bunkers ready is just miraculous. Even the fairways, have to have good machines to be able to do that. They just do a wonderful job here. I think that's why we enjoy coming here so much. They treat you so well inside. The golf course is always fabulous. I just like to play good so I can hang around a few more days.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's talk about your round now. A very good round, just that little mistake on your last hole.

BOB TWAY: Yeah, I was pleased how I played the last nine holes this morning. I hit some shots close to the hole which was nice, and I think I made six points. And then today I on 1, I hit a sand wedge in there. I was able to hit some shots close to the hole. And I made one long putt up the hill for birdie which was a surprise. I was able to hit a couple close shots on the back ine. My lone bogey, I drove it in the rough. Hacked it out about 50 yards.

I'm pleased with how I played. I putted better than I have been which is always a big plus. As I said I enjoy coming here. I really enjoy the format. It's a nice change. People ask me if I play real aggressive, I say no, I don't play that much different. We all know a birdie and a bogey is better than two pars, so your mindset is a little different. But you can't go too crazy out there, you don't want to make doubles. I enjoy coming here.

Q. Right now it looks like maybe Chris might be about 34 points. Does it look bigger, the gap, with the system, even if it's 14 points?

BOB TWAY: Well, that's a lot. When you think about it, 14 points, seven birdies, that's still five shots. But things can happen. Sometimes you have a lead and sometimes people are able to keep going like that, and sometimes it's more difficult because they are playing maybe a little bit more conservative. You just never know. That's why you always keep plugging. He could run away from it or he could not. You can't worry about that. To get that many under, he must be playing awfully well. You just go play.

Q. Why have you had so much success in the last two years; it had been quite a while since you won a tournament before that.

BOB TWAY: I won in '95 and had not won again till last year, but I was not displeased with how I played those eight years. I actually played very well. I was in some playoffs and had some high finishes. Sometimes it's difficult to win. You have to be in the right place at the right time sometimes. I was very fortunate last year to win in Canada. I actually could have not made a 4 footer on the same hole, I would have lost again. Good things have to happen to win, so you appreciate when you do win, especially as old as I'm getting.

As I said, I have not been displeased with how I've played, but winning is what it's about out here, so it's nice to do it again.

Q. Even though yesterday may be frustrating, do you feel like you got a break and could take advantage of playing a lot of holes in the morning conditions?

BOB TWAY: Well, yeah, I mean, regardless of whether it's morning or afternoon, it doesn't make that much difference. It was a nice the weather was good this morning. It's still good out there now if a thunderstorm doesn't come in. But you still have to play well regardless of when you play, so at that point you just go out there and do the best you can.

Q. I know it's still a little early, but who would be the Player of the Year in your opinion at this point?

BOB TWAY: Oh, gosh, as of right now? Well, I guess I'd have to go with Vijay right now. But we still have a third of a year left or something.

Q. With one major left, could Vijay win it without winning a major?

BOB TWAY: Yeah inaudible.

Q. What's it been like, you talked about your age, to be able to perform so well so late?

BOB TWAY: Well, I don't know, I guess I don't that old. Sometimes I do. I feel all right now. You know, we all stay in shape. We all work out. We've been playing golf a long time. So I think sometimes you get a little smarter the older you get, and kind of understand your strength and weaknesses you just go out and play. You know, I'm not trying to hit the ball 50 yards further. I don't think I've been able to figure that one out. Just go out and do it. A lot of people ask about the guys over 40 winning, could just be coincidence, but there's to doubt that the guys are winning all have had nice careers and have played well. So it's not like they forget how.

Q. With Chris, 32, 34, wherever he finishes, does that change your game plan tomorrow or not?

BOB TWAY: I don't know how to play any differently than I am. This week, really, you have to drive the ball in the fairway because you cannot play in the rough. That's the No. 1 priority. All of the fairways are they play a little bit wider, so you play as best you can and make birdies. I'm not just going to go up there and go crazy trying to catch up because you can't do that. You just go out and play how you are, and if you shoot a bunch of them then you can catch it and if you don't, you can't. I can't really change what I'm doing.

Q. Two rounds left but looking ahead to next week, do you see a player or two or three that might be guys pick to win?

BOB TWAY: Well, I would always go with the guys who have played good lately. So you've got to look at Vijay and, well, John Daly and Tiger and then you've got to go with Ernie and Davis and Retief. They all play great. So I don't know how you pick them.

I think the one thing that's going to be different this year is very few people have played the golf course. They might have played one or two round on it and a lot of us like myself have not played any. And I've heard horror stories already about how hard it is. So from that standpoint, it's going to be very different. Still, a tee in a hole, someone will figure it out.

Q. Is there another major course is there another major that you have gone to that you have not played the course once before?

BOB TWAY: Oh, yeah, quite a few times actually. But I think not one that so few guys have played. When I won at Inverness I had never seen the course before, but a lot of other people had. This one, just not that many people have played.

TODD BUDNICK: Let's go through the round, Bob. You said you hit sand wedge in there on 1?

BOB TWAY: To about five feet or so.

6, I was about eight feet above the hole, long putt, I don't know how long it was, it was 40 feet probably.

13, I hit a nice one about three feet.

2 putted 17. And then a bogey on 18.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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