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May 4, 2015

Feliciano Lopez


F. LOPEZ/B. Becker
7‑5, 3‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in Spanish, please.

Q.  I wanted to know if you're satisfied with today's match?  You came back in the third set.  Did you feel like you should have closed it out in two sets?
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  Victory is always important.  Of course my level today was not the most desired.  These matches are difficult.  They are tough.  You just got to overcome difficult moments and situations like the ones we had today.
I think these are the matches that maybe give you the extra confidence that you need.  They sometimes change everything.  I like to play well and have fun on the court.
Today on the court I didn't have a lot of fun because of conditions.  It was a little bit windy.  The court didn't have sand because the wind was taking it all.  It was difficult to run.
I managed to finish the match, and on Wednesday I will have another opportunity.

Q.  I would like to know your version of what happened with Carlos?  Can you elaborate?
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  Well, I think that sincerely my behavior was not the correct one for a tennis player.  I think that I committed errors.  I said the Big F many times.  The first warning I didn't realize that he gave me a warning, and that's why I was so surprised when he told me I had to go to the other side and I had a point penalty.
Really the first warning, I didn't hear that.  Carlos, I respect him a lot.  I think he's a really good chair umpire, one the best ones.  He knows that.  We talked about that many times.
Secondly, there are players like me, which normally have decent behavior.  We are not disrespectable players or we don't throw the racquet and we don't say the Big F.  Except for today.
Today I recognized that I was very nervous.  I wanted to say to Carlos that the rules should be the same for every single player.  I'm really tired of seeing players that behave really badly on the court and nothing happens.  Perhaps there are players like me or anyone else that we might have a bad day and they punish us.
The rules are for everyone.¬† It cannot be that there are players‑ we're not going to give names ‑¬† they behave badly and nothing happens.¬† That's what I don't like.¬† It's a general thought.¬† The chair ump has to enforce the rules, and if you have to expel a player from the court, then they have to do it.
With us, players that normally have good behavior, like Rafa with the time.  It's true he's slow sometimes, but the rules are there for everyone.  Time and conduct, everything.
Today I said, Carlos, I recognize my behavior was not the best today, but I want to have the same rule for every player.  There are players that don't behave properly and nothing happens.
He said, You're right.  The rules are the same for everyone and I try to judge everyone the same way.  That's what happened.  That's all.

Q.  You say that the rules should be the same for everybody.  Is that a vision that many players have?  Have you talked about that with the ATP?
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  I think the ATP is working on that.  I know that tennis is a sport that you have to behave yourself.  You don't have to lose your temper.  There are some codes.  You have to behave yourself.  That's all.  There are a lot of rules.
The only thing I'm saying is that the rules should be the same for everybody.  What I was saying before, you know, if a player is really slow, you have to apply the rule of the time.
And if a player smacks the other player's shoulder on the changeover, what happens?  Nothing happens.  We look somewhere else and that's all.
Or a player with point penalty throws the ball out of stadium and the chair umpire acts like he hasn't seen it.
I think that these are not normal and they should be pointed out.  Rules should be the same for everybody.  That's all I'm saying.

Q.  I know you were in Quito in attitude and it was a really great tournament.  And now here in Madrid.  How did you adapt to altitude in two days?
FELICIANO LOPEZ:  Here in Madrid I'm used to playing because I train here, I live here.  I think the altitude in Madrid is not a big deal.
It's true that you can feel it, especially today.  Perhaps you can feel it today more because of the conditions of the day.  It was a little bit hard to play.  But nothing to do with those places where it's nearly a miracle to get the ball inside the court, inside the lines.

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