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May 3, 2015

Gary Woodland


Q.  You really battled back on that three‑footer at 13.  Boy, that was kind of a turning point, I think?
GARY WOODLAND:  It was.  I think the adrenaline got the best of me early.  Got off to a rough start.  Didn't hit it the way I've been hitting it.
And I fought back, as you said.  I fought back there.  I had a couple of shots.  My putt drops on 13 and I get to 1‑down, and it's a different ballgame.  But I missed that one.  And he was like a shark, smelled blood, and it was game over quickly.

Q.  You got down early in this match and just how difficult was it to try to get back in it for you, as you fell so far behind early on?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, I was playing‑‑ I was battling myself out there.  I was trying to calm down and adrenaline got the best of me early.
Once I started to settle down, I started to make some good swings, I putted my way back into it.  The putt on 13 killed me.  I make that, I'm 1‑down with four or five to go, it's a different ballgame.
But losing sucks, it does.  I played well this week and I hope to build on it.

Q.  What is the biggest thing you take away, the position you put yourself in to possibly win this championship?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, both.  You came here to win, so losing hurts.  But a lot of things that I've been working on with Jim are starting to pay off.  I see myself executing.  It's been nice, but I have to keep building on it.

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