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May 2, 2015

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK:  ...off to the left, left to right, so tough wind to play in.
The back nine has been good to me.  I probably need to get off to a little better start tomorrow on the front nine and hopefully keep it going.

Q.  It really was a good match.  Louis gave you that one at 14, but it was close all day?
JIM FURYK:  It was.  He actually probably for the first ten holes or so, he hit the ball better than I did.  He had more opportunities for the putts.  We both really struggled with the speed.
I asked, after about 7, I asked our walking official if they cut the greens in between rounds and he said no.  It made sense to me why.  That being said, I still get many putts to the hole.  So we both left a ton of them short.  If he had got that putter going, he would have had me down three pretty quick.  It would have been tough to come back.

Q.  It's gotten colder even as we have stood here.  How challenging were the conditions out here in the afternoon compared to the first match today?
JIM FURYK:  They were tough.  Louis and I were talking about 6 or 7, it seemed to cool down even more.
The back nine, those holes 10 through 14, are right there by the lake.  The wind is whipping across the lake, picking up the coolness.  You're playing all those holes in a left‑to‑right wind.  It's a difficult stretch of holes.  I played them really well, that was kind of the difference in the match.

Q.  In 14 starts in this event, this is first time you made it to the semifinals.  Johnny was describing you as just a tough player after you hit that bunker shot to the right of us at 16.  How much of component is toughness in this format?
JIM FURYK:  It matters a lot.  There's times I was getting rolled by JD early in the match, 4‑down through 4.  I let one slip on 18 against Martin Kaymer and we had to go to a playoff.  I was pretty much dead to the right on the first playoff hole.  You gotta dig deep and kind of pulled some magic out and was able to get that one up and down and go on to win the match.  There's times in this format you have to dig deep.  It looks hopeless, but you've got to figure out a way to win.

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