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May 2, 2015

Gary Woodland


GARY WOODLAND:  Huge step for me, huge confidence boost and I listen to him, I should be all right.

Q.  Two matches away from winning a World Golf Championship.  How exciting is that prospect?
GARY WOODLAND:  It's nice.  We have a long way to go obviously, but I'm excited to put myself in this position.  It's work what you work for.  I've had two weeks off, so I've had some time to dial some things in.  Starting to pay off.

Q.  Came right out of the gates firing, 5‑up through the first seven holes.  What got ignited for you early on in your match?
GARY WOODLAND:  I did a lot of things well.  I drove it well.  I was giving myself a lot of birdie chances and making putts.  You add that up and that adds up to a lot of birdies.  Put the pressure on him early.
Then I really ball struck it pretty good coming down the stretch.  Put a lot of pressure on.  Nice to get the big lead and nice to keep the pressure on all day.

Q.  Once you got that big lead, what was your mentality?
GARY WOODLAND:  It was to keep going.  You don't want to give anybody any hope.  You are playing against the best players in the world out here who can make birdies in a hurry.  The goal was to keep putting pressure on him, keep hitting fairways, keep hitting greens.  Fortunately I did that.

Q.  In your previous two attempts here at the World Golf Championships‑Cadillac Match Play, not only have you advanced to Sunday, you are undefeated.  What is the difference this year compared to years past?
GARY WOODLAND:  I learned a lot last year.  I played one of the better rounds I've played in a long time against G‑Mac.  I had it going.  I really took my foot off the pedal.  I really did.  He wasn't playing great, and he found a way.  You take your foot off the pedal against that guy, he came back and beat me.  It was a learning experience the hard way, but I'm not letting up anymore.  You just go and you expect your opponents to make everything.  You keep going.

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