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May 2, 2015

Tommy Fleetwood


Q.  What's gotten you to the round of 8?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Some good golf to be fair, first of all in China, and that got us in here and then you just come over here and play.  Obviously I lost the first match and it wasn't looking too good.  The new format has definitely helped me.
Again, played good today.  Had a few chances on the back nine, I couldn't play‑‑ my footstarting getting a bit weak.  I was just trying to dribble them up there.  Really I just keep winning and keep going and look forward to the next game.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I have not played anybody that's not from the European Tour yet.  I don't mind.  It's going to be a tough match whoever it is.  I don't really know what the score is.  I think it's probably pretty tight.  It's just one round, isn't it?  A whole bunch of players.

Q.  The new format, you are happy with that obviously?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  After losing my first match, yeah.  I mean, it's good to try things different, isn't it?  Looking at for me, I lost my first match and then I've played pretty well sense.  It's worked out pretty good for me.

Q.  What started clicking?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I played okay first round, and then my swing just got loose towards the end and started to hit a lot of rights and made bogeys on easy holes.  Sergio played a bit too solid for me.  I did some work afterwards with my coach after that day, which is kind of hard to do when you've lost, but you know you've got to do it.  Since then I've been swinging it pretty good again.  I let a few leak right today, but most of the time my swing has been really good.

Q.  Always nice to close things out on 17?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  It didn't feel that comfortable.  I was just trying to grind away.  Brendan had a lot of chances and he hit a lot of good putts that just missed, especially that one on 16.  Just nice to get in before the 19th, 20th, actually.

Q.  Did you get some work on your swing this week with your coach?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I've been‑‑ I've had a new coach for a couple months now.  I was swinging okay, like I said, my swing was getting a bit wayward towards the end of Wednesday.  I went up after that, after losing, and did an hour's practice.  My warmups have been good.
The things that I'm working on have been good this week.  So got to keep focusing on that and put the best swing I can.

Q.  A matter of trusting it?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Yeah, definitely.  Obviously the more you get under pressure, the more you want to revert back to your old bad habits which to me is getting underneath it and hitting it right.

Q.  Got an Englishman coming up in the quaterfinals?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  English, nice.  Could have stayed home.

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