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May 2, 2015

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK:  He was a little frustrated at times and wasn't playing the way J.D. Holmes usually plays or how he's been this year.  It's never easy, put it that way.  But I wasn't really over it with the putter early in the match, just a little one on 4.  Not a particularly good one at 5.  Kind of got my feeling with it again.  And figured some things out out there and on the back nine kind of played beautifully.

Q.  What is it about the greens?  They're not that tricky but hard to read.  There's not a lot of break in them?
JIM FURYK:  There is not a lot of break in them.  There's a lot of grain in them, which is very rare for bentgrass.  But you can see how the grass is laying down they're quite a bit slower than we're used to playing.  So I think that in itself is causing some problems with the players.
But also like you said it's little reads.  Nothing is definitive left‑to‑right, there's a lot of very straight putts or inside left, inside right.  There's a lot of times guys are struggling to figure out which way it goes.  Guys are one way, the caddie is saying the other, and I think it's hard to get set over some putts.

Q.  You have the lake below you and the ocean, you get overloaded and everything seems to be straighter than it is?
JIM FURYK:  I agree, because they're not‑‑ first couple of rounds I thought maybe I over read a couple of putts and we decided because they're a little on the slow side, we're hitting the ball pretty firm, we've taken some break out.

Q.  Jim, you've beaten J.D. Holmes there, he's one of the longest hitters on Tour, you're not one of the longest.  Was the idea to try to get your approach shots in tight to the flag and put some pressure on him in that you're hitting first?
JIM FURYK:  Fluff told me I was walking quickly today.  I told him I was going to be hitting first on every green.  I wanted to get down there and hit it.
I think a little bit was thinking about the start, those two par 5s.  I did knock it on No.1 this morning and two‑putt birdie for a halve.  I can't reach 5 and he's hitting like a mid iron there and I was able to get a halve on 5.  Again, off to that start having those two par 5s.  I was still 1‑down, I missed a putt at 4.
I just played consistent today, just enough to put some pressure on him.  And it wasn't typical golf for J.D. Holmes, he didn't have one of his better days.  And I guess I was fortunate maybe to catch him on a day like that.

Q.  Over the first three days you're hitting it closer to the flag than anyone else in the field.  How do you feel you're swinging?
JIM FURYK:  I feel pretty good about it.  I don't worry about stats or what they say, I think it's more about what you feel in your heart.  If I stand over‑‑ I never look at the stats at the end of the day and say, wow, I hit 12 fairways.  To me it's more when I'm standing on the tee do I think I'm going to hit it in the fairway and if I answer yes, then I'm swinging well.  If I answer, well, I'm not sure, then there's an issue.

Q.  Very well done today.  As you make your way through this format day‑to‑day, match‑by‑match, is it different momentum‑wise where you go stroke play day‑to‑day, when you play 18 holes and 18 holes the next day or is it the same feeling inside?
JIM FURYK:  Judging how you feel by your game.  It doesn't mean you're going to go out and win your match.  I think you have a feeling about how you're feeling about your game.  If you're comfortable, confident going to the first tee, if you're nervous, anxious, you still have those moments.  But now with it being single elimination it's just kind of take a match at a time.  It's a horse race.  See what happens.  You can play well and lose.  You can play bad and win.  Anything can happen.  It's about staying level headed and one shot at a time and not getting ahead of yourself.

Q.  Two days; you've got one out of the way.
JIM FURYK:  That's correct.  Nice to get off to a good start, get out there and get a win this morning, and now I've got a couple of hours to relax, rest, I'll go out and work on a few things out there to get ready for the afternoon match.  But trying to get some rest.  36 holes is a long grind and we're going to go pretty deeply tonight.

Q.  What's the hardest part of playing this course this week?
JIM FURYK:  You know, it's a tough golf course to start with.  Tee to green it's pretty demanding.  You've got to hit the ball well.  I think around the greens you've seen a lot of guys struggle, catching the speed on the greens, getting the right reads.  They're not overly sloped, but I think they're tricky, very difficult and a touch slower than we're used to.  So it's causing some havoc with some of the players.

Q.  You mentioned before both you and J.B. had some issues hitting some putts especially on the front nine today?
JIM FURYK:  I had a three‑putt on 4.  J.B. I think three‑putted‑‑ I can't remember the holes, maybe 6 and 8.  We kind of traded that.  That was the difference on the front nine.  I was 1‑up, and it was basically on three‑putts.  The rest of it we played pretty even.
And I played pretty well on the back nine and he didn't play as well as he would have liked to.  It wasn't a typical nine holes for J.D. Holmes.

Q.  You've played enough match play to kind of know the drill, but mentally how different is it to be like, okay, I won a round, now I've got to go, as you said, go work on a couple of things and be back out there the same day.  How different is that than the week in and week out runs on the PGA Tour?
JIM FURYK:  I think you usually go out and play a good round, shoulders down, take a deep sigh, relax and enjoy it.  And then that night recharge and get ready for the next day.  Here it's a quick turnaround.  You can't enjoy it for long.  And now I need to get a little rest, relax, get ready for the next 18 and back at it again, start all over.

Q.  Jim said he was going to play his own game this morning.  Did that strategy pay off for you today, was that the biggest key?
JIM FURYK:  Well, I played pretty consistent.  That three‑putt at 4 got me 1‑down.  I didn't really let it bother me too much.  I handed him that hole but he handed me a couple on 6 and 8 with some three‑putts and that was the difference on the front nine.
I just kind of kept plugging away today.  It wasn't a pretty front nine.  But I hit the ball solid.  I kept the pressure on the back nine.  And it wasn't a typical J.D. Holmes round of golf.  He didn't play his best today and I guess I was fortunate to have him on a day like this.

Q.  You're in the minority in the fact that you've seen this golf course quite a bit.  You were on the 2009 Ryder Cup team, one of only four players on the field this week that was on the Presidents Cup team.  Is that an advantage in your opinion?
JIM FURYK:  I guess I didn't feel like with a short week, starting on Wednesday, coming in Monday and Tuesday, I probably didn't feel the need to play a ton of golf on Monday and Tuesday.  I didn't need to see the golf course.  I knew pretty much where I wanted to hit it.  It was just an idea of how is it playing, what's the condition like.
I played about 11 holes on Monday, played the Pro Am on Tuesday and was able to maybe rest a little bit knowing that if you do play well, it's a long week.

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