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May 1, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q.  (Inaudible).
JIM FURYK:  We had a little conversation.  I said, George, I'm really rooting hard for you.  I realize that it's not coming back my way.  I wished him luck.
It was really awkward this morning with the four of us all 1 & 1, every one of us needed to win our match but was also dependent on what happened on the other side.  Kind of an awkward feeling.
I didn't watch their match at all day, never looked up at the board.  Just tried to worry what Martin and I were doing.

Q.  What about that game with Martin?
JIM FURYK:  You know what, be both played a really solid round of golf.  We were probably 5 or 6‑under par, both of us.  Martin missed a 3‑footer on the second hole, gave him a hole back.  I missed a 3‑footer on the 18th, gave him a hole back.  Other than that, it was a pretty square match.  We both played solid.
I had my opportunities to close it out.  Once I made the birdie at 14 and went 2‑up, I had my opportunities and I wasn't able to make the birdie at 16 and 17.  Low and behold, he knocks in a 15‑footer at 17 to keep the match going.  Again, I know if I birdie 18, I'm probably going to win.  I missed a 3‑footer.  I was disappointed in myself.
The highlight really for me was probably the up‑and‑down at 1, the 19th hole.  That was probably the one I probably get up and down 30 percent of the time and I was able to get it up there.

Q.  You won at Hilton Head.  How significant was that victory?
JIM FURYK:  I think it was significant.  I mean, honestly, I had been disappointed in myself.  I had frustrated, putting a lot of pressure on myself to kind of close out a tournament.  It wasn't really a relief.  It was just a moment of joy for me.
Then to go home and be able to share it with family and friends at our charity event, it was a phenomenal feeling and a great three days.
I think it honestly helped in these matches here where I could lean back on it.  Ten days ago I was knocking in these putts.  Dig deep and do it again.

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