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May 1, 2015

Tommy Fleetwood


Q.  Little extra work, but you advance to the Sweet 16.  Talk about your match with Bernd today?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:¬† Just a really good match, same as good yesterday.¬† I think I made four birdies on the back nine.¬† Started playing really well after going 2‑down.¬† I'd like them to be over a little bit sooner, if I'm honest.¬† I'll take it if I keep going through.¬† A little less work would be nice.

Q.  Did you know that Jamie Donaldson won?  Did you know your situation the last few holes?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I saw him shake hands on 17.  I knew Jamie had been up all the way around.  So as much as you try not to look, it's always there.
Standing on 17th tee, I'm either going to win the group or I'm going to come last.  It's a nice position to be in.  Really good and just made it to get through.

Q.  Thoughts as you go to the Sweet 16?  Do you like the golf course?  Do you like the way you're hitting it?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I played really well for three days.  Disappointing the first day.  Just lost my swing on the last few holes.  He played a bit too solid for me.  The last two days have been really good and hardly missed a shot, especially down the stretch when it's been under a bit of pressure.  Don't know who I'll face yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Q.  (Inaudible).
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Just gave one away.  Four birdies on the back nine, played really well.  Bernd still wasn't giving anything away.  Just another one on the 19th.  It was really hard work, but a really good match again.  We both played really well.

Q.  How much did you draw on the experience you had yesterday?  You turned it around in extra holes.
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:¬† Yesterday, I missed a 3 or 4‑footer on 17 yesterday, and then didn't miss a shot from then on it.¬† 18, 1 & 3 in the playoff.¬† I'd like it to be a lot easier.¬† If it goes down to the 19, keep coming away as the winner, I'll take it.¬† Just got to try and hit the best shots.¬† At the end of the day, when it's sudden death, it's win or lose and you've just got to go for it.

Q.  First time at this championship.  How has it compared to your expectations?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  It's been brilliant, after losing my first game and I'm going through.  Just getting into these events and the WGCs, it's where we all want to be playing.  You can't help but learn and you can't help but get better being around all the best golfers in the world.  It's great to be around them.  Hopefully I'm going to go further on for the week.

Q.¬† Two weeks ago this young man earned his position to get into the World Golf Championships‑Cadillac Match Play.¬† Now you are not only in the field, you are advancing to the Sweet 16.¬† What has been working so beautifully for you this week?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  I've played really well to be honest.  At the first I just kind of lost my swing down the stretch.  He played too solid for me.  Luckily enough for this new format, there's still a chance.  The last two days I've played really well, been really good.  I've been fortunate.

Q.  The potential of you playing 72 holes, how do you approach this weekend?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD:  Keep going.  Keep trying to do the same things.  If I can keep swinging it, you never know.  Just take one step at a time and then it's just great to be going through today.

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