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May 1, 2015

Juli Inkster


JULI INKSTER:  I don't even know what I had for breakfast, so probably a long time ago.

Q.  Just add them up and count them up at the end, right?
JULI INKSTER:  Yeah, I played good today.  I got a little sloppy on kind of those back holes, 15 and 16, but hit a lot of good putts, hit a lot of good putts, they just didn't really drop today.  I feel good about my game.

Q.  Yesterday afternoon you said you weren't planning on winning.  Are you still not planning on winning?
JULI INKSTER:  I never said I'm not planning on it, I'm just not counting my chickens before they hatch.  I mean, I've got a lot of golf left and there's a lot of great players out there, and everybody is kind of bunched up.  You know, they wanted a shootout, that's probably what they're going to get.

Q.  You talked about how the second round has been kind of your bugaboo recently, that you'd posted great first rounds but hadn't been able to get anything going in the second.  Pretty relieved?
JULI INKSTER:  Yeah, I three‑putted the first hole and had a really‑‑ didn't hit a very good iron in there and had a really long putt and it lipped out.  But you know what, I knew I was hitting the ball good and I knew I was going to have a lot of opportunities, so I stayed patient and got a few birdies going, and then my round kind of turned around.

Q.  Still not going to be a playing captain if you win this week?
JULI INKSTER:  No.  No, no, no.  Capital no.

Q.  Could you just talk about the last putt on 18?
JULI INKSTER:  I don't know, I thought it to break right to left.  I played it just outside right edge, and it just stayed right there.  I was kind of shocked.  But that's the way it goes.

Q.  What's the game plan heading into the weekend?
JULI INKSTER:  Just same thing, I'm hitting a lot of fairways and giving myself some opportunities.

Q.  Has that been the difference recently, just the way you're hitting the ball?
JULI INKSTER:  Yeah, the way I'm hitting the ball.  I'm putting better, too.  I played good at the Dinah Shore (ANA Inspiration), I just putted really bad, and I've just been really working hard on my putting, and it seems like it's coming around a little bit.

Q.  How cool is this game that Lydia is No.1 in the world, you're at the top of the leaderboard this week?
JULI INKSTER:  Well, you don't see it in any other sport, so it is cool.  I think that's what intrigues everybody about golf, no matter if you take it up at 40 or take it up at 10, it's just an addicting sport.

Q.  Natalie said yesterday that you're an anomaly, but at the same time that might convince some girls to stay out here longer than they might otherwise.
JULI INKSTER:  Yeah, I've been very blessed.  I've been very healthy, and that's helped out a lot.  I keep in pretty good shape, and I don't really kill myself playing too much.  It's good.

Q.  Anything different with the swing, why you're hitting the ball so much better recently?
JULI INKSTER:  Yeah, I've been working with a guy named Jeff Brehaut and just really staying a lot more into the ball and staying a little bit more behind the ball and getting a little more distance, so it's helped out a lot.

Q.  How much further are you hitting the ball?
JULI INKSTER:  Well, for a while there I was losing distance, so I think I'm back where I should be, even though Morgan is pounding it by me.

Q.  Is that unusual to see her do that?
JULI INKSTER:  Yeah, and I don't like it.  It's good.

Q.  You'd better get that golf ball she keeps talking about.
JULI INKSTER:  Yeah, I hear you, right?

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