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April 30, 2015

Webb Simpson


Q.  Great eagle at the last hole and coming out with a win here.  Tomorrow you will play Gary Woodland for your group victory.  You are both 2 & 0.  Your thoughts on tomorrow and playing a guy that seems to hit it nine million miles?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Most guys seem to hit it way by me.  I'm thrilled to get through the second match.
Jimmy is obviously a great player, won a lot lately.  I knew he was going to be a tough match.  Neither one of us played that great today.  We both just kind of hung in there.  He made a couple big putts late.  Just happy about getting through.
And Gary is a good buddy, so it should be fun.

Q.  Well done out there.  Victory in 19 holes over Jimmy Walker.  Now you've put yourself into great position heading to Friday?
WEBB SIMPSON:  It didn't look good for me all day.  Neither one of us played that great.  Jimmy is a great player.  I knew he was going to be tough to beat even on a bad day.
Thankful to get through.  Excited for tomorrow to play Gary.  Understand he's 2 & 0, so he's probably playing great.  So I've got work to do to try and give him a good match.

Q.  That keep out there at 18 to tie the match with Jimmy?
WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah, that was big.  He did have about 15 feet, but it was nice to get one in the hole and make eagle is always nice.  I didn't expect him to miss that.  He's a great putter.  But these greens are getting bumpy now.  I'm sure he'll play well tomorrow.

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