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April 30, 2015

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK:  It was a little bit my fault, too.  I made‑‑ he birdied 1 and 2, and I had my chances.  I had an 8‑footer on 1.  Burned the edge on 2.  He was able to make a 6‑footer.
I was in the driver's seat on 3 and he flipped it over.  50 yards from the pin, short right, kind of one of these.
Got it up there six feet and I hit my bunker shot seven feet.  Missed it, he makes.
I hooked it up against the fence on 4, so I handed him a hole.
We birdied 6.  Gave me back at 7.  We kind of flip flopped.  I made too many mistakes where I had a chance to put some heat on him.  I just made too many mistakes where ‑‑ the bogey at 8, I give up a hole.  I think I bogeyed 9 too to give up a hole.  So those two stung.  3 and 4 stung.
You go to the back nine, I birdied ‑‑ I win 10, I birdie 11.  I've got good birdie putts at 12 and 13.  Great putt at 12, didn't go.
13, I started a little too far right.
14, I hung my drive and should have been able to get that ball up‑and‑down, didn't hit a good putt.  4‑down, come in here and I get caught in between clubs and try to beat the shit out of a 4‑iron and got trapped in behind me and hooked it.  Put it in a place where that hole has got the thickest rough on the golf course.
I had my chances.  As bad as I played, I had my chances to get back in the match and put a lot of pressure on him.  Every time I got close enough, I made too many mistakes.

Q.  Were you between 4 and 5?  5 and 6?
JIM FURYK:  Well, I'd love to tell you I was.  It was a little too far for my 4‑iron and too short for my hybrid.  It was like‑‑ making me feel bad, Alex.  216 into the wind.

Q.  You hit a 5, right?
JIM FURYK:  Hit a 4‑iron.  Tried to hit it too hard.

Q.  Is there a point during this match where you said now I just have to‑‑ I know it's match play, it's not stroke play, now I just have to aim at pins and try to‑‑
JIM FURYK:  No.  I felt like if I could‑‑ my goal was to shoot 4‑ or 5‑under on the back.  I kind of was on my way, to be honest with you.  Like I said, I made too many mistakes.  The bogey at 14 and 17.  Made three birdies in there, and I missed some good birdie putts along the way.  I played well enough to do it.  I just didn't get the ball in the hole.

Q.  The next thing is obviously in the old format, you are going home.  New format, I think the guy that you beat yesterday is actually winning against his competitor, so comes down to tomorrow.  I don't personally understand what happens if you win and somebody else wins, if you are both 2 & 1 what happens.  Do you understand?
JIM FURYK:  I believe if two guys are 2 & 1, the head‑to‑head is the tie breaker.  In that case, let's say he wins tomorrow and I win tomorrow, he advances because we are both 2 & 1 and he wins the head‑to‑head.
Let's say he were to lose tomorrow and I win then that would be him, as well.  I would win the 2 & 1 battle.  All depends on what happens behind us.  I have to win tomorrow and I need help.

Q.  Do you look over your shoulder at all tomorrow?
JIM FURYK:  No.  Just go play and see what happens.  Got a tough match.  Kaymer is a tough match.  If he loses like I did, we'll both be kind of chomping at the bit to get out there.

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