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April 30, 2015

Cristie Kerr


Q. ¬†Here with Cristie Kerr, co‑leader headed into the clubhouse at 5‑under in Irving, Texas.¬† What was going well for you in your round today?
CRISTIE KERR:  You know, I was just hitting it really good and just giving myself a lot of opportunities, got the momentum on the back nine, which is what I wanted to do, and you know, I even made a couple longer putts today.

Q.  I noticed a lot of the players are saying that the putts are really going in today, the greens are rolling nicely.  24 putts today; I mean, was there a strategy?  Have you been working on that?  What was going on in your game today?
CRISTIE KERR:  I've always been a pretty good putter.  Putting has always been kind of my favorite part of the game.  The greens are really good here, so if you hit the greens, even if you have a little longer than you wanted with your shot, you have some opportunities, so it was a good day for me.

Q.  You've had a pretty good 2015, of course, clinching the Kia Classic out here, and then kind of bouncing back from the last two weeks.  Is there anything you're working on, your strategy, your game plan at all?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† I saw my coach this week.¬† I had struggled with my ball‑striking the last couple weeks, and it was nice to hit some really pure shots out there today.

Q.  I know it was a little bit wet earlier in the week, but did it start to dry out since you were in the afternoon wave for you guys?
CRISTIE KERR:  It's definitely starting to dry out.  The greens are perfect, but the course, it's going to take some time for that course to recover because there's some areas that the grass has just died.  They've done a great job getting it in shape.

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