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April 30, 2015

Brooke Henderson


Q.テつ We're out here at the Volunteers of America North Texas Shootout, Irving, Texas, and I am here with Brooke Henderson who finished 2‑under in the first round today.テつ I know that you had quite a whirlwind the last few days.テつ Were you able to settle in today?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, I was.テつ First couple holes were a little rough because I started with a bogey, but I was 1‑under going through the turn and made a couple birdies on the back nine, which was really nice, and unfortunately dropped a shot at the last hole, but I'm in good position.

Q.テつ You mentioned you kind of had a rough start.テつ What was the mentality and how did you bounce back today?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It was a good shot on 1, it was kind of a little short and I left myself a tough pitch up the hill.テつ Like I said, I was able to bounce back really quickly.テつ I gave myself a lot of birdie opportunities within four or five feet, which is nice, and always makes it easier on the putting.

Q.テつ This event is a double cut so it's a little bit of a unique event out here on the Tour.テつ Being not a member, what's your mentality and what's the strategy heading into the next few days knowing that it's a different setup than you're used to?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Sure, so just play my game and try and get it as deep under par as I can, and just hit fairways and greens, which is really what you have to do out here because it's a course that gives a lot of opportunities for birdies but it's also one that can play really tricky if you put yourself in the wrong spot.

Q.テつ I noticed the "I love golf" on the shoes.テつ Tell me about that.
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ I just thought it was fun.テつ It was really cute.テつ I ordered my shoes with Titleist just a few weeks ago, I guess a couple months ago now.テつ I've got another pair with a smiley face on the left shoe, and then another more normal pair and then these ones.

Q.テつ Is it pretty cool being a pro now and getting all the sponsorship deals, all the clothes and everything?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, it's really cool.テつ It's a lot of fun.テつ You know, I'm living the dream.

Q.テつ That's one thing I've noticed about you is it seems like you do enjoy playing this game more than most.テつ Is that accurate do you think?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ I think so, yeah.テつ I love it, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, and even on my days off, I want to be out on the golf course.テつ Now that I am a pro, me and my sister, we get to practice and train and wake up and do something that we love every single day, and I love it.

Q.テつ Is that kind of a confidence boost and a validation for you to have another good round out here today to prove last one wasn't just one week, I can do this consistently out here?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ It was definitely important to me to get a good round in today.テつ Like I was saying earlier in a couple of media things, it could have been a little better today, but it also could have been worse, so I can't complain too much.

Q.テつ What happened on the bogey on 18?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ I just wasn't 100 percent confident in the approach shot and just hit it a little long, and it was a tough putt.テつ I was happy with my first one and just a rough second shot.

Q.テつ Seeing the names on the leaderboard, pretty good leaderboard, seems like it's a lot of long hitters.テつ That suits your game pretty well, too, doesn't it?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, for sure, and I think it course, if you can get it out there long and straight, you can definitely take advantage.

Q.テつ What are you thinking out there with how wet the golf course is right now?テつ We've got a lot of rain the last three days?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, although it did really dry up on my back nine.テつ You've really got to be careful of conditions because they are changing quite a bit from early this morning, but you've just got to be careful with your tee shot lines because if it does firm up, you're aiming it a lot farther in one direction than I was this morning.

Q.テつ There's a lot of very sloped fairways out there, aren't there?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yes, there are.

Q.テつ How much firmer were the greens the second nine?テつ You talked about how the golf course dried out a little bit.テつ Were you noticing different runoffs?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ I started to try and pitch it short of the pin, where before I was trying to take it almost the whole way, so just really had to be careful, especially on like chip shots and things under 100.

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