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April 29, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q.  We were talking about the format.  What do you make of the new format here in 2015 compared to the past?
JIM FURYK:  I think I like it.  I still want to see it play out.  I don't see any negatives.  I see a lot of positives.  Everyone is guaranteed three rounds.  Fans get to see their favorite players for three days.  Television has got all kinds of scenarios on Friday, who is going to advance, who's not.  How the matches can to play out.  From everyone's perspective, it's got to be a win for everyone.

Q.  A lot of people on Tour say it's very difficult to play well after getting a victory.  How have the last weeks been for you and how are you feeling right now as far as your game is concerned here at the match play?
JIM FURYK:  I was a little tired last week, but I've got my rest and feeling better.  My game feels all right.  I kind of limped home those last few holes where I played pretty solid for most of the day.
My putter was strong.  When George made some birdies at 11 and 12, I was able to top them.  Made a good birdie at 13.  Feeling about as good as I could with the putter, I missed a three‑footer on 14 that was going to be to halve the hole.  Three‑putted 15, so I'm kind of scratching my head.  Was happy to get out of there alive and got two more rounds to play.

Q.  3 & 2 win over George Garcia.  How was the golf?
JIM FURYK:  I played a pretty solid round of golf.  Missed a few fairways, but made a bunch of pars today, made a few birdies.
George really probably wasn't happy with the way he played today.  Gave me a couple of holes.  I had a 3‑up lead.  We started playing pretty well.  We both birdied 11, I topped him on the putt.  We both birdied 12, I topped him on a putt.  I was able to birdie 13.
Just when I had my foot down and felt good, I slipped up on 14 and missed a little one.  I three‑putted 15 and it was going to be to win the match, little disappointed in that.  Then I didn't hit a good wedge into the last hole, but two putts was good enough to win.

Q.  You've played here a few times before, most recently the Presidents Cup.  Has this golf course changed at all?
JIM FURYK:  It really hasn't, just the order.  Every time we come, it seems like it's a new order of holes.  Shot for shot, it's really a good golf course.  You really have to hit the ball well to do well.  I enjoy coming here.
Beautiful day of weather.  The greens are a little tough for me right now.  They are a little slower than what we're used to and it's messing with me speed on long putts.  I was good from 15 feet and in today, but anything outside of that I felt my speed was bad.  It's something I want to work on for tomorrow.

Q.  A week off after RBC Heritage.  You come back here.  Are you happy where your game is right now?
JIM FURYK:   I am.  To be honest, with the event last week, with our foundation event and after the win, I didn't put a ton of practice into it.  I worked a little bit over the weekend with my dad on Sunday.  I didn't put a lot of practice into it.  I was trying to get some rest.  Didn't get a lot of sleep the first few nights, had a lot of fun with some friends in the tournament.
So I do feel rested now.  I feel good and my game is in good shape.  I have to let it come out.

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