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April 29, 2015

Justin Rose


Q.  You're the first one that can speak to if you're in favor of the new format?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I don't know.  Maybe I'd rather go home, we'll just see.  Hopefully, yeah.  At least I've got a spot sticking around.  All I can do now is focus on my next two games and win those and hope everything else goes my way.  I think I'm right in saying that if Leishman wins one of his next two games, he goes through because he beat me, right?  He's playing some nice golf and a great player.
I don't feel very hopeful right now, but, you know, I have a shot, so I guess that's a good thing.

Q.  Can you chalk any of this up to coming out‑‑
JUSTIN ROSE:  I chalk it up to 18 holes match play.  Marc is a great player, he's played well in many major championships and big tournaments and he plays well on good golf courses.  And this is a good golf course.  He's a quality player.
I had my chances out there, absolutely.  I was 2‑down and then birdied No. 9 after playing some nice golf in the middle of the front nine.  And went bogey, bogey after that.  I played well to get momentum on the turn and then gave it straight back.
Those are the mistakes that you can't afford to make.  He gave me nothing.  He upped and downed the ball well when he hit a bad shot.  He played a solid game.  It will take good golf to win today.

Q.  You played a lot of golf on Sunday.  Sounded a bit under the weather.  How do you feel fatigue‑wise, energy‑wise?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I felt it coming on the weekend in New Orleans on the weekend.  I picked up some sort of cold.  But yesterday I felt terrible.  I was aching and struggled to get through the Pro Am.  But had I a good rest yesterday afternoon.  Had a good rest last night.
I feel much better today, so I had every hope of playing well today.

Q.  Obviously you come here knowing that you want to play well and everything else.  But now like you said you're not sure what your chances are after losing this first match with the new format.  Knowing that you have THE PLAYERS coming up next week, is it hard for you not to say I'd almost be glad that if I was done I'd be going home and getting rested up for THE PLAYERS, rather than having to play two more matches?
JUSTIN ROSE:  If I'm not to advance, yeah, then the extra two days can be valuable.  But at the same time, I think it's‑‑ for the tournament's sake, I think it's a good format.  As an individual, yeah, if you have to play way out to Friday and you don't get through it, yeah, it's a little bit more effort.  But you have a chance by losing Wednesday to still get through.
I'm in favor of it, but I'm still hopeful that something will sort of happen for me.

Q.  Marc had said that given what his family's been through this month that it almost has been liberating for him on the golf course.  He feels like he can almost be a little bit more aggressive, because what does he really have to lose at the end of the day, given that he almost lost.  Did you get any sense of that today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  You know, it's just‑‑ he was very calm out there.  I guess that's the only thing I would say.  He wasn't just playing reckless golf.  He played very well.  I can't imagine he had a ton of practice before coming out.
Like I say, he's a great player.  And I'm very happy for him and the situation, the way it worked out.  Obviously it would be great to see Audrey on Tour in the near future.  It's an awesome story.

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