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December 7, 2000

Frank Nobilo

Greg Turner


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome Frank Nobilo and Greg Turner, who are currently atop the leaderboard from the New Zealand team. Gentlemen, a very good afternoon for you today. Why don't we just talk briefly about your thoughts on the afternoon today?

FRANK NOBILO: Hello, first of all. It was great. I haven't seen much of Greg over the last year or so, since the Presidents Cup. But we have played so many World Cups and team events together, it's almost like a trip down memory lane.

GREG TURNER: He sent me an e-mail the other day that said this might be our last chance and we should try and do it one more time. We had dinner the other night; obviously get on well. I started off pretty good today, and he just took it from there. I thought he just played flawlessly from there. Golf doesn't always go that way, so it was nice to have a fun day, and it was.

Q. What did you think of the course, I mean, after such a great round, especially how the course was prepared and presented?

GREG TURNER: I think the presentation is flawless. I haven't played on greens that have been like this all year, and the fairways are perfect, also. I think that when the wind doesn't blow, when the course is in a condition like this -- it's not a long course; it's playing quite quickly. Then the scoring, you know, you really can shoot a score, and I guess there's no news in that.

Q. Frank, it's a bit different from the qualifying school, I would imagine. Can you talk about what last week was like and when actually you got down here?

FRANK NOBILO: Yeah, this was fun. (Laughs). It's totally different. I mean, I think this is -- this is a team event. This is what you look forward to. What happened last week was a necessary evil. I don't think you can compare the two. You get to play with someone who is actually on your side, rather than 170 people going the other way.

Q. Welcome back, Frank. '94 wasn't it when we played the Open here in a howling gale? Has the course changed a lot since then for you or do you remember it from then?

FRANK NOBILO: Yes, it has. I remember the 10th hole being a par 3. And if I had my way, I probably would have played the course the way it used to play. The front nine is pretty much the same. That's not a criticism of the way it is right now. I just thought, you know, there was less walking, obviously, from green-to-tee. The course plays very well right now, but I did enjoy it very much, you know, six years ago. I had a lot of fun here.

Q. Argentina is finishing now on the 18th hole. If they par the hole, they will end up 15-under, just like you. So maybe tomorrow you will have to play together. Does that add an extra pressure on you?

GREG TURNER: Everyone will be interested in Argentina tomorrow. So whether or not that will be a good thing, who knows. But we have played foursomes quite a bit together before; Presidents Cup two years ago. But foursomes is a completely different game. Today, you get a chance to try and birdie every hole. Tomorrow, you know, par can be a good score.

Q. What do you think about the public's behavior, the people that followed you on the course?

GREG TURNER: There was someone calling for me quite often to wish me well; I would hear their mobile phones going. (Laughs.) But we didn't have huge crowds for some reason. I don't know why. (Laughter.) It may be slightly tomorrow, I suspect.

FRANK NOBILO: At one stage, you could hear them singing, obviously, because the Argentinians, Eduardo and Angel were doing quite well, and it was nice to be at a golf tournament where you could hear the crowd really enjoying it. It was a little bit like Maradona making a goal with his hand. We don't play soccer in New Zealand.

Q. Can you talk about the eagle on 14?

GREG TURNER: I would like to claim that one. But it was Frank. He had a birdie, which was pretty good for me. Driver, 2-iron to 15 feet in two and holed it. There you go.

FRANK NOBILO: Driver, 2-iron, 15 feet.

Q. Frank, when did you know that you were playing in this?

FRANK NOBILO: Probably about six weeks ago. I think, roughly. I think Michael Campbell pulled -- I was very surprised. I thought Grant Wait was in, but -- I still don't know why, but I'm very happy, obviously, to be here.

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