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April 26, 2015

Morgan Pressel


MODERATOR:   Happy to be joined in the media center by Morgan Pressel.  Obviously not the finish you would've liked.  Definitely have to take some positives out of this week.
MORGAN PRESSEL:  Yeah, you know, I had plenty of chances out there today, so I can't be too disappointed.  I gave it my all.
Definitely was a little bit sloppier today in general.  I did not have my so‑called A game, but got into the playoff.  Hit one good putt and hit one not‑so‑good putt.
But it happens.  I would say my‑‑ nothing was really sharp, but I definitely missed some putts that I could have made, even earlier in the day.  It was a very strange day.  Missed a 4‑footer for birdie and make a 50‑footer for eagle on the next hole and then 3‑putt.  It was kind of all over the place.
But I gave myself a chance, and that's what I came here to do.
MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  We hoped for another option or outcome, but we're glad to see you.  Is this more of a business finale than it was in 2005 when it was more of your emotionally as an amateur?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  I'm sorry, I don't totally understand the question.

Q.  Is this part of the time that you spent ‑‑ now in the industry after this length of time, is this more of a‑‑ you look at it more as a business finish instead of more of an emotional one when you were an amateur?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  I don't think so.  I just think I'm better at handling my emotions.  So, no, I mean, I certainly wanted to win.
I just think that I have realized that over time, if I am that highly emotional on the golf course like I was as an amateur, it's not sustainable for an entire seen.  I think that's what I've learned over the last ten years.

Q.  More pressure on which putt, regulation, playoff one or playoff two?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  I don't know if any one has more pressure.  They were all chances to win the tournament; certainly the first two.
I don't know.  I just tried to put good strokes on it.  First one I was disappointed to leave short.  You don't want to leave a chance to win the tournament short.
The second putt I really thought that I hit a good putt, and then it was a complete misread on the third one, so...

Q.  Lydia is practically on every leaderboard.  She won this last year and won three times this year.  What do you guys make of this consistency, this level of excellence?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  It's very, very impressive.  This is a great golf course.  It's a tough task.  She's a very strong putter.  I'm sure her fairway stats are very high, and she gives herself a lot looks at birdies.
Out on this golf course, that's what you need.  That's what I did really well for the first‑‑ even I did it today a little bit, but I didn't convert as many as I would've liked.
She's very, very impressive and always there.  At her age, she plays with so much poise and calmness I don't think you see from other kids her age.
I guess she's not a kid anymore.  Sorry.

Q.  (No microphone.)
MORGAN PRESSEL:  You know, I felt okay.  I didn't feel great I didn't feel 100% comfortable with my golf swing.  I don't think it had anything to do necessarily with the lead or not.
I think maybe just regressed a hair today.  Got probably got a little bit faster if I went and looked at some video.
But I don't know what else to say.  I mean, it's tough out there.  Tough day to play.  I tried to grind as hard as I could.  Definitely got fooled by the wind on one hole where I made bogey, on 12.
But I tried it grind it out.  Even when I hit the poor chip on 16, my focus was just, Get this next one up and down and move on.  I knew that it was tight; I didn't know exactly what it was.  I knew that I had a chance to win.

Q.  (No microphone.)
MORGAN PRESSEL:  No, we couldn't see the green.  I didn't know that it was Lydia, but I figured it was Lydia by the roar.  I didn't know until I got up to the green.  I don't think it would've changed my game plan one way or the other because I had a wedge in my hand.  I was still being aggressive with it.

Q.  Going back to the 10th hole when you were way left and you hit a really good lob shot to get up and down, how much confidence did that give you at that time that you were going to be able to hold on and win this thing?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  Well, I thought it was dead over there, but I guess that was one the best shots I have ever hit.
After that, if that's going to be my worst hole out here today, just stay patient and keep grinding.  I was definitely happy to get out of that hole playing the hole the way I did with a par.  I kind of tapped it in and ran to the next tee.

Q.  Talk about the eagle putt.  50 feet you said?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  Approximately.  Yeah, something like that.

Q.  Pretty awesome hole.  You make an eagle and she comes back with a birdie right on top of it.  Looked like it was going to be one of those days where anything could happen at that point.  Were you energized and ready to roll?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  Definitely.  Brooke is a grinder.  She reminds me a lot of me when I was that age.  I knew that she was going to stay tough.  We both made some sloppy mistakes that I know neither she nor I would've liked to make.
That great bunker shot she hit on 14 was pretty special from not a very great place to be.  Just shows she never gave up all day.  It was fun to watch her play.  She has a great future.

Q.  Emotional week, couple weeks, month.  You get the award from the Golf Writers, fly across the country, and make a good run.  I imagine all in all you have to be satisfied.
MORGAN PRESSEL:  Definitely.  My last, what, four tournaments, I definitely feel like there are so many positives.
I mean, if you would've told me that I would finish basically second‑ I guess I finished third at ANA ‑ in two tournaments out of my next five before I left for Phoenix, I don't think I would've believed you.
I mean, my swing was in a pretty bad place, so to think that mentally and physically I've been able to put myself in the hunt and then be comfortable being in the hunt as well...
Just looking forward to getting back to work, playing next week, and then into the big spring/summer schedule we have.  It's very strong, a lot of good tournaments,  so just shows that what I'm doing is working and I just got to keep plugging along.

Q.  Perhaps easier said than done, but in a knock‑down‑grind‑it‑out tournament like this, I'm just curious as to how you process it and how long it takes to get out of your system.
MORGAN PRESSEL:  I mean, I don't know how long it'll take to process.  That's a good question.  There are always things that I can learn from looking back to today.  I think that's what I'll try to do when I have some time probably on the plane tomorrow.  I'll just go back and look at what I've done over the last 72 holes, especially the last 18, and see where can I improve.  There are always spots to improve.
So look back and see that I finished in a playoff with a lot of needed improvement.  I can look forward to that.

Q.  You were once obviously where Lydia was, winning young.  Eight years removed from that, what advice would you give her?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  I don't know that she needs any advice from me.  I think she's doing okay.  (Laughter.)

Q.  Looking ahead, obviously she's on a roll now, but have you learned it's not easy to crank out wins?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  Well, she seems to be doing it just fine.  Keep doing it she's doing.  I don't know that she wants to take an insight from me, because I didn't keep winning the way that she has.  Whatever she's doing, I would stick to it.
You know, she's just a very classy individual, and very talented.

Q.  I have been following your career for a long time.  It's always been enjoyable and enjoyable to interview you.  Great to see you back on the leaderboard.  Was there any part in the off‑season that you did get to have between the two seasons that you worked on your mental or physical swing part of the game that got you in shape for this season?
MORGAN PRESSEL:  I'm always working on it, but really the timewould be, what, six weeks ago maybe?  I was kind of trying to work‑‑ I was just working on my swing by myself a little bit, and then I did well at CME and felt comfortable with my swing there.  It just kind of progressed to a place where I was lost.
So I called my old coach, Ron Stockton back in, and since the weekend before Phoenix we started working together again.  We are seeing the same thing.  He knows what I really would like to accomplish in my golf swing, and he's really helped me get there.

Q.  (No microphone.)
MORGAN PRESSEL:   It was cold.  Yeah, I mean, it's just a wedge hole basically.  It's a fairly generous fairway, and we both hit hybrids to a lay up.  Just lay up to a good yardage and have a wedge in.
I felt like my wedge game has been very strong.  I hit a couple good wedges but just couldn't convert the putt.
Then that's all it really come down to is putting at the end of the day.  If you look back at the way we played the 18th hole, she birdied it twice and I didn't.
MODERATOR:  Morgan, we appreciate the time and good playing this week.

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