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April 26, 2015

Brooke Henderson


MODERATOR:テつ Happy to be joined in the media center by Brooke Henderson.テつ Brooke, talk about what you learned today.
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ I learned a lot from today.テつ Just the whole atmosphere of being in the final group on Sunday was amazing.テつ I didn't play my best, but it was fun just to be there and be in contention most of the day.
Just couple shots back of Morgan.テつ On the 18th hole, putt to tie and get into the playoff, which would've been really nice, but a third finish year is definitely a confidence booster moving forward.
MODERATOR:テつ One of the key shots to your round was the hole‑out for eagle out of the bunker.テつ What did you hit there?テつ Were you able to see it go in?テつ What was your reaction to that?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ No, I couldn't see anything from down there.テつ It was down there pretty deep.テつ I was just trying to give myself a good look at birdie, and next thing I know the crowd was going wild.
It was a nice surprise.テつ Would've been nice to keep it at minus 8 for the remainder of the holes, but unfortunately not.
MODERATOR:テつ Questions.

Q.テつ Couple loose shots out there.テつ Can you talk about the short one?テつ Were you rushing that?テつ Trying to get out of the way?テつ What happened there?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Wasn't that far of a putt.テつ Morgan asked me if I was going to wait or finish.テつ I was like, Yeah, I'll finish.テつ Just when I was standing over it I just wasn't 100% comfortable and hit it a little harder than I should have.
Putts have to go in with the perfect weight.テつ When you hit them too firm, that's what happens.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)

Q.テつ You didn't win the trophy, but what do you feel like you won this week?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ I definitely won on a lot of experience.テつ I can gain a lot from that moving forward.テつ Hopefully I'll be in the position that I was in earlier this morning many times in the future and I'll be able to take everything that happened today and be able to learn from it.

Q. テつJust wondering what you had to battle the most out there?テつ Nerves?テつ Mental focus?テつ Share with us just what that was like.
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ You know, I was doing pretty well in terms of nerves and focusing, especially through the front nine.テつ One loose shot on No. 1, but other than that it was pretty decent.
Then just the last four or five holes I mishit one wedge shot, and then the remainder of ‑‑ when I had that distance in for the rest of day, you know, I was just a little bit uncomfortable and it was very noticeable.
I mishit quite a few of them coming in, but other than that, it was nice to be in the position that I was in.
Like I said, I'm going to learn a ton from it.

Q.テつ Final thought.テつ At an age where a lot of girls are excited about the senior or junior prom or whatever, these last couple of days, what has this been like to be in this rock star atmosphere?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ It's been unbelievable, and hopefully there is more of that to come.

Q.テつ On the hole where she made the long eagle putt and then you had to come back and you made the birdie, it showed like a little resolve, or a lot of resolve actually.テつ You had had the two early bogeys.テつ Now she pops an eagle out and you come back with a birdie at that point.テつ Did you feel you showed some resilience out there today?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ You know, even down the stretch I never gave up and was still going, because I knew it's never over till it's over.
I make a few more putts like I did on the one par‑5...
Right after she made that eagle putt I was able to make a birdie, and that was huge.テつ Showed that I wasn't going away just yet.テつ It was a very important putt to make there.
You know, I was battling a couple swings and things out there, but overall I was very focused and was able to keep it somewhat between the lines.

Q.テつ How far do you think that putt was on 18?テつ After you hit it, what's going through your mind?テつ Looked like your gave yourself a chance.
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, it was probably 27 feet maybe.テつ You know, soon as I hit it it was a little lower than I would've liked and ended up finishing a little low.
But at the end, with maybe four or five feet to go it looked like it almost would come back.テつ I was hoping, but it just slid by.

Q.テつ The approach shot on 18 was a little bit longer than you had had.テつ How much of a difference did that make as far as being able to get one in there close?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, unfortunately off the tee my ball just hit the rake, so it sort of bounced a little shorter than I would've liked.テつ Then I had a tough lie and tough stance to try and get it down there as to 80 yards, which preferably I would have liked to be at.
It is what it is.テつ I had 160, and I had a really good shot from there.テつ I had to cut it around the big, tall tree just out in front of the green.テつ I was happy when I got up there and saw that I was putting and I have a chance.

Q.テつ Was it the fact that on the approach shot it was just you were making sure just don't leave it short?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ On which shot?

Q.テつ The approach shot.
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ The approach shot, you know, I was just trying to get the right distance and give myself putt at it.テつ Like I said, it was tricky.テつ I had an uphill lie and uphill green and it was downwind the pin with the back left.テつ With that tall tree, I had to hit a cut around it.

Q.テつ What is you travel schedule?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Fly out to Dallas tonight and play the Monday qualifying tomorrow afternoon.

Q.テつ Do you think the performance this week will help towards more exemptions?
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ I hope so.テつ Definitely working on it.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ IMG is looking after that for me.

Q.テつ (No microphone.)
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ I think I'm going to go home for a few days and then hopefully Monday qualifying in Kingsmill.テつ Followed by that, I have ShopRite and ManuLife, which I am exempted into.
MODERATOR:テつ Brooke, we appreciate the time.テつ Great playing this week.
BROOKE HENDERSON:テつ Yeah, thank you.

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