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April 26, 2015

Justin Rose


Q.  I'm standing here with Justin Rose smiling on the face officially now the Zurich Classic of New Orleans champion.  Congratulations, Mate.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Thanks, Mark.  Yeah, obviously this is a tournament that's very special to me obviously in the sense that I'm an ambassador for Zurich and I've been here a number of years, and I really get involved in obviously Zurich and that commitment to all their charitable endeavors.  So obviously to do the business‑‑ I've always enjoyed my time here win, lose or draw, but to get on the right side of things and win the golf tournament has just made it such a fun week.

Q.  And you've worked hard on the game.  I understand that you really got back to the blueprint.  Speak a little bit about that, Justin.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah.  Basically I just knew I had the club under me and I wasn't using my rotation well enough and my body well enough.  When I first started working with Sean, the first we tried to do is keep much more connected through impact with my torso.  And simple stuff.  You know, a lot of TOUR players welcome that type of thing, but trying to keep a little bit more lag coming down, not flipping it as much.  So if I keep the lag a half a turn left, and obviously by keeping the lag on the club, you keep the sweet spot a little more square through impact.  So those have been my feels.
And the good thing is I haven't been chasing‑‑ the first sort of four months of the year I was chasing a different swing thought every day, and I would say in the last month I've had the same thought waking up every day.  Swing hasn't always felt exactly the same, but when you're not chasing something, it becomes a lot more consistent.

Q.  Must be looking forward to going into next week and then THE PLAYERS thereafter.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah.  It's obviously a big run of three, three big events, and World Golf Championships are always important.  When you play both tours like I do, there are key events to do well in to give yourself a chance to both tours, and obviously THE PLAYERS Championship is huge, so this is a great shot in the arm of confidence and just gotta keep it rolling.

Q.  The final round shootout is complete, birdies on his last two holes to get back into the winner's circle.  During this start and stop kind of week, Justin, what are you most proud of getting back with another victory?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think there's a couple of things I'm really proud of.  Obviously that's six straight years with a win.  Earlier this year is looked impossible to win.  I was struggling with my game, and when you are struggling with your game, sometimes winning seems very far off.  So I'm very happy to have turned my game around the last three or four weeks.  But just making a couple of key putts down the stretch.  And you know, I think as a player to make the putt exactly when you need to is huge.  And I don't think I've made a putt to win a PGA TOUR event out right like that before.  And you know, I've made a really good putt at the Quicken Loans to get in the playoff, but that was kind of the first time‑‑ I've always had two putts to win or tapped it up that close and had tap‑ins.  That was the first time I've had a significant length putt to win.

Q.  We spoke earlier this week.  You said each and every year you were going to learn a little more about this golf course, feel a little more comfortable.  Why was this the year that you finally put the puzzle together?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I think a couple of things.  I think my iron play has been very strong recently, and with the course being soft, I was able to go at a lot of flags, and you know, obviously I understood that a lot of those pins are in bowls, and even though the pins three or four from the edge, if you miss the green you got a very makeable chip, a very straight chip and an uphill chip.  So I was treating some of those three, four off the right pins or three, four off the left pins as more like seven or eight because I was pretty much taking dead aim at some of those, and I think that was just understanding the course a little bit.

Q.  After the sluggish start to 2015, the performance at Augusta, the win here now, what does this do with a lot of big ones on tap?
JUSTIN ROSE:  It obviously gets me up there in everything I want to be up there in, a boost in the world rankings, a huge boost in the FedExCup, a huge boost in confidence.  And obviously I can target now‑‑ I can target the major championships all the way through the summer without having to chase anything in between.  It's going to be great.

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