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December 8, 2000

Frank Nobilo

Greg Turner


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome the New Zealand team of Frank Nobilo and Greg Turner, who finished currently tied atop the leaderboard. Gentlemen, maybe some quick thoughts about your round out there today and the atmosphere.

GREG TURNER: It was a magnificent atmosphere. The crowd was fantastic to us. You know, obviously, they were barracking for the Argentineans, but they were very fair and enthusiastic towards us, as well. And after the terrible start that the home team got off to, I mean, it was a brilliant round by those guys.

FRANK NOBILO: Yeah, I just would like to also agree. I thought the crowds were incredibly well-behaved. Incredibly.

Q. Okay. First of all, did you expect to play with so many people following you, and how did this influence your game, if it bothered you or encouraged you?

GREG TURNER: Yeah, they were encouraging. We knew there would be a lot of people here, and I imagine there will be three or four there tomorrow, as well. But fantastic. You know, couldn't say a bad thing about them.

Q. Frank, we are surprised or astonished at the nature of how you've played. Do you think that is helping your partner to play better, how naturally you play, how loose you play?

FRANK NOBILO: I'm not loose. (Laughs). No, I think we are very fortunate because, like Eduardo and Angel, we are very good friends. And I think in this format, especially in another country, it is important that you can relate and get on. But, you know, today it was very good for both of us, because Angel and Eduardo -- when I played in Europe, they were my friends. So it was nice to play with your friends, and it makes a big difference. Golf, it's a really neat game when you're playing well, like we are right now. But it's even more fun when you are playing with your friends.

Q. You have already played in the two formats. Which one did you feel more comfortable with?

GREG TURNER: I think that the four-ball format is a lot less stressful, because you've got two bites of the cherry, obviously. Foursomes is more stressful, but we played -- because we're good friends and we played a little bit together, I think it is maybe a little less stressful for us than some peers. It is easier playing four-balls, but it is probably just as well for us that we are playing foursomes, as well.

Q. Did it influence you playing with the big gallery and the leaders, and how do you feel about playing tomorrow with the same team?

FRANK NOBILO: I think if we play well, we will really enjoy it. But I think to play in the atmosphere, you know, the crowd -- especially because they are very Latin, they enjoy things so much, it's very hard for us not to enjoy it. When Eduardo holed a chip shot on the 9th hole, I mean, you could hear everybody. And it made us feel good. It was a better score than us, but it is hard not to pat your competitor on the back and say, "That's great," because you want people to enjoy it. Golf is very serious for us because it is our business. But to see people enjoy the way we play, we cannot ask for anything better than that. So if tomorrow is anything like today, then we are really looking forward to it.

Q. I would like to know if this format, the first and third day, and second and fourth day, having the same format of game, is favoring you, or do you think it should be different?

GREG TURNER: I don't think it is favoring anybody particularly. I think it is an interesting format. It is a good, fun format. It gives you two very different types of golf. The four-ball, very aggressive play; and then the foursomes, a little more careful. And I think that makes it an ideal blend.

Q. Considering that you have played on the European Tour, do you feel any difference in these galleries than the European galleries?

GREG TURNER: I think there is a great similarity between Southern Europe and Argentina. However, I think the enthusiasm here is greater than probably anywhere I've ever been in the world. And in Europe, we don't always play in front of the largest crowds. So, it's a lot of fun.

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