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December 9, 2000

Frank Nobilo

Greg Turner


NELSON LUIS: You had another nice round out there today, 27-under. We'd like to welcome Frank Nobilo and Greg Turner, the team from New Zealand. Why don't you give us some brief comments?

GREG TURNER: It was a much tougher day today. The wind was not only stronger, but the region it came from, I think, was the critical thing. And, you know, in the end, it could have been better, but it could have been worse. The important thing is that, you know, we're still in there with a chance. You know, Frank's been holing every crucial putt that he's had. So if he just holes everything tomorrow, I'll be really happy.

Q. How did you see the Argentine team do? Do you think they were playing solid today? And do you think that the difference for the United States team is beatable?

FRANK NOBILO: First of all, I think the Argentine team played very well. As Greg has already spoken about. It was different conditions today. And, you know, when the wind is as strong as what it was, the difference between hitting a shot in close enough and missing a green and putting your partner in a difficult situation is very, very fine. And I think that was the difference with both our teams. But the American team is a great team. But I thought, you know, today with the four-ball best-ball with these conditions, if we just stayed within a few shots, with tomorrow's format, then we're in a very, very good position.

Q. For either of you, a critical moment when things could have gone sour or could have gotten better at a particular point in the round?

GREG TURNER: I think on 17, I drove the ball in the water, and then, you know, left Frank all on his own. And he hit in a fairway trap there, which is enough to make me a little nervous. (Laughter.) But the potential there was a bogey or worse, and getting par in the end was a very good result.

Q. Mike Weir was in earlier, and he said foursomes, it is a whole lot easier to make up ground. And he seemed to think it was because double-bogeys come into play sometimes; whereas, they don't in best ball. Would you agree that it is easier to make up ground in tomorrow's format, as opposed to today's?

FRANK NOBILO: No question. I think, had we played foursomes today, there would have been some incredible scores. I think you would have seen teams vary as much as 10 shots. I think when you have a day like today, with two of the best players in the world, with the American team, and very tough conditions, that the length that both players have, they can afford to be aggressive on a lot of the holes where we struggled today. In a different format, it is totally different, because you cannot afford to hit your partner out of play. So if we get similar conditions tomorrow, then anybody within six or seven shots is well within the event.

Q. Did you feel comfortable with the Argentine crowd cheering for the Argentine team?

GREG TURNER: Yeah, it was the same as yesterday. They were very enthusiastic, and they had plenty to cheer about in the end. But they were also very fair, again. So it was a pleasure to be playing with the Argentineans, with the crowd the way that they were.

Q. Do you think that you have more fun playing these formats, and do you think this allows other teams to be more of a rival to the American team, Tiger in particular?

FRANK NOBILO: As the week goes on, you have less fun, irrespective of who you are playing.

Q. Which team would you like to play with tomorrow? Which one would you prefer?

GREG TURNER: Seeing we have no control over that, I'm not going to answer that question. Yeah, I mean, whoever you get drawn with, you have to play with, so you have to check the positive out of whichever side. It will either be -- Bob (Bubka) over there, who never gets anything wrong, I've listened to him on the radio before. He says we're playing with the States. I just hope they won't be too nervous playing with us. (Laughter.)

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