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April 23, 2015

Erik Compton


Q.  Bogey‑free in 66, your thoughts on a very solid first round?
ERIK COMPTON:  Yeah, it was nice to hole a few putts.  Drove the ball pretty well, and stayed patient.  Wedge game was really good today, and it was nice to make that birdie on the 9th hole.

Q.  Tough par‑3.  Now it's moist outside and makes for better scoring, but talk about how long this big golf course is playing?
ERIK COMPTON:  It's a lot like Miami.  The humidity and temperatures make it difficult to play.  Sometimes if you're not playing great, it seems worse because of the temperature.  But this course suits my game.  I can reach most of the par‑5s in two.  The par‑3s are long, so between 200 and 220.  I feel like those are my strengths of my game, and when I'm putting well, you know, I'm shooting good scores.

Q.  Want to switch gears some.  You're involved with Donate Life.  So there was a cool tweet where a guy was about to go in for heart surgery and you responded back to him.  Talk about the charity?
ERIK COMPTON:  Yeah, The Masters we had a lot of people following and met a lot of recipients.  Each week I meet so many people that are either going through surgeries or waiting.  Just to be able to get back and motivate people, heck, I got motivated.  I met a guy who had a heart transplant on his first heart 28 years ago, and he was a Major League Soccer player.  And look, I'm just happy to be here.  I had some good news.  I had a cardiac cath, actually last week, and I think that is good for me to get a clear mind and hopefully are some good golf in front.

Q.  How are you feeling?  Pretty good round today, 6‑under.  What was the course like out there today?
ERIK COMPTON:  I started to get hot.  We didn't have much wind.  But with ball‑in‑hand you can be pretty aggressive on pretty much most of the shots.  The par‑3s, you take them as they come, but very happy.  Nice to get off to a good start and just got to put your foot down.  Hopefully the weather holds up this week, and you get a little chunk of the pie every day.

Q.  How important was your making the turn?  You birdied 18 and then 1 and 2 coming around like that on that three‑hole stretch?
ERIK COMPTON:  You know, it's important to give yourself opportunities out here.  I think everybody hits the ball well on the TOUR, and just getting your chances to make putts.  Some weeks you don't make putts and some weeks you do.  Hopefully, this week continues to be a good week on the green.  It's not all of us hold the wand, only a few of us do all the time, so I just have to be very patient.
I like playing this golf course.  I've had good memories here.  It's a lot like where I grew up.  It's hot and humid like Miami, and I'm comfortable on the greens, so got to be happy with today and move forward.

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