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April 19, 2015

Jamal Crawford

Chris Paul


Clippers – 107
Spurs - 92

Q.  Jamal, that's the first time in a while we've seen you look like yourself.  Did you feel like yourself tonight?
JAMAL CRAWFORD:  Yeah, I did.  I thought the days in between last game and this game I was able to get some work in, get my conditioning right, get the work in, and it just felt normal.

Q.  Can you talk about as far as the performance that you guys demonstrated tonight, does that send a message, and does it also say that you guys have made a leap in your performance entering into the Playoffs?
JAMAL CRAWFORD:  Yeah, for us we don't get too high or too low.  We've been talking about that.  Obviously they're the defending champs and you have to respect that, but we just did what we were supposed to as far as protecting home court, which is one game, and we'll continue to try to see what we can improve on and make the proper adjustments for Game 2.

Q.  Jamal, can you take us through the frustration you had to weather with the absence and how you had to try to bounce back?
JAMAL CRAWFORD:  Yeah, it's tough.  Obviously for me, me and Chris talk about it all the time, we play basketball, we're consumed in basketball every single day of our lives.  To be out five weeks and not be able to do anything but watch, I mean, you can take some good things from it, but it was more bad than good for me because you want to be out there so bad and help your team and just be part of the guys.  Just being out there, seeing how you can get better.  The injury is one thing, then coming back and conditioning and trying to get a rhythm, all that stuff sucks, but you've got to go through the process sometimes.

Q.  Now with Chris up there, as well, I'll ask both of you, offensively a great game, but can you talk about the defensive effort tonight and what you did?
CHRIS PAUL:  We just tried to be there for each other.  We know we gave up a lot of open shots that most nights we're going to make, so there's a lot of things we need to clean up.  We'll come in tomorrow, watch film, see what we did well, see what we didn't do as well and get ready for Game 2 on Wednesday.
JAMAL CRAWFORD:  For Matt, he's part of the heart and soul of our team.  He makes plays like that.  He wears his heart on his sleeve.  He's an emotional guy, and that play was a good, hard, clean playoff play, and it lifted the whole building.  We feed off that. We feed off each other.  We're fans of each other and we always support each other and Blake was just tremendous.  It was unbelievable seeing him fly like that.  Like he said, he hasn't dunked on somebody like that in a while, so it's fun for him to bring it out.

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