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April 19, 2015

Kevin Kisner


MARK STEVENS:テつ We'd like to thank Kevin Kisner for taking the time to come in and talk to us.
Kevin, you gave it a very exciting run there on the final day.テつ Tough ending, if you want to kind of take us through the final three holes, and then we'll take some questions.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, it was a great day.テつ I knew the scores were going to have to be low, and I was obviously three or four back to start the day.テつ I managed to shoot low.テつ Every time I looked up on the back nine, Jim was making another birdie.テつ You had to kind of keep the gas pedal down.テつ I think the best shot of the day was 14.テつ I hit it in close on 14, about six feet to birdie, which is not easy you know.
The way I played 18 both times, I mean that's just what you dream about, and that's what I worked so hard for.テつ I hit every shot just like I wanted to coming down the stretch, and that's all you could ever ask for.

Q.テつ You talked earlier this week about wanting to be the first South Carolinian to win South Carolina's only golf tournament.テつ I know you don't think about this when you're out there.テつ Was there any point when you said to yourself that, I'm this close to realizing that dream?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, my whole goal was to stay in the process, and forget about results; stay in process, and the results will happen.テつ I'm really proud of myself, I stayed in the process all the time.テつ I knew I needed to birdie 18 and I did it.テつ I never felt like I was in the lead.テつ I was always chasing.テつ It was never like I was going to win at any moment.テつ Jim obviously made a great putt on 17 to win.
I had a chance, but, man, I'm just proud of the way I handled it down the stretch.

Q.テつ When did you start to feel that your game was coming on?テつ I was with you last week and you were, "Well, I don't know."テつ And now all of a sudden we're sitting here chatting with you at the end of the day after a terrific performance.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ You know, my game, you play four in a row before the Masters and I played solid, but just wasn't holing any putts.テつ And I knew this was a golf course that fits me.テつ And it's my home state.テつ The grass I grew up on; I knew I could play well here.テつ And early in the week I was just striking it so solidly, and I knew if I could just start holing some putts, I'd have a chance and I did the last couple of days.
I made all those five, six‑footers that I had to make to keep the round going, keep the momentum going.テつ If I was told this morning I would shoot 64 this morning and lose, I would have taken it.

Q.テつ You said you didn't allow yourself to think you were going to win this tournament.テつ Even a few moments when you made that putt on the first playoff hole, you didn't allow yourself to think, maybe Jim's going to miss this one?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ No, you don't expect a guy of Jim's caliber to miss a six‑footer straight up the hill.テつ I didn't realize it was that close from the fairway, but when I got up there, I said, I have to make this to have a chance.テつ And I mean he's won what, I played with him yesterday and he said 16 times or something.テつ You don't just luck into 16 wins on the PGA Tour.
Obviously he's been there and done it.テつ He made a great putt on 17.テつ I thought if any of them he was going to miss was, it was the one on 17 because it broke on him.テつ Obviously it was a great putt and hats off to him.

Q.テつ Would you mind giving your thoughts on Harbour Town golf links?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ My favorite course of the year to play.テつ I've said that most multiple times this weekend.テつ I wish more architects on the PGA Tour would look into making golf courses this way.テつ I know it's difficult with the trees, having the old trees and the old style, but we don't have to play 7,800 yards every week to have a golf tournament.

Q.テつ I know obviously you're disappointed right now, but going forward what do you think your performance this week, especially in the playoff, what do you think that will do for the rest of your year?
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Yeah, I was really proud.テつ I hit every iron shot coming down the stretch, just like I wanted to.テつ Just to build on that; the next time I'm in it, it can happen again.テつ All you can do on this Tour is build on it, wake up tomorrow and go try again next week.

Q.テつ Can you give us the distances and the clubs used on 18 both times and then 17, also.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ 18, the first, was 167, 9‑iron, hard as I could hit it.テつ Then I had 161 the second time and I thought I actually stuffed it the second time.テつ It just came up a little bit short, but it was a perfect putt, 15‑footer right up the hill, right to left.テつ It was a perfect spot to be in.
17, I think we had 177 hole both times.テつ I hit 8‑iron, I tried to kill it the first time and overdrew it, and I just flushed it the second time right at it and came up 20 feet short.
MARK STEVENS:テつ Thank you for your time, Kevin.
KEVIN KISNER:テつ Thank you.

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