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April 19, 2015

Sean O'Hair


Q.  7‑under today.  I think it was 7‑under.  Great finish.

Q.  Talk about the round a little bit.
SEAN O'HAIR:  You know, I played really solid all day.  Just nothing spectacular, just kind of was hitting the right shots and make some nice putts.
And then had a really good front nine and I just kept kind of thinking in my head, Troy Merritt shot 10‑under, with a 4‑under on the front.  I was playing with him when he did it.  I kind of had that in the back of my mind.
Just got off to a slow start on my back side and made a birdie and got it to 5‑under par.  And then I made a quick bogey after that.  And then got it back on the par 5.  The hole out on 16 just kind of turned a good round into a really good round.
And I was trying to make a couple of birdies coming in just to see what happens.  But all in all just a great day.  And kind of did everything well today.

Q.  A lot of confidence going forward, too?
SEAN O'HAIR:  You know, I've been playing well.  I've been playing well all year, even this past fall, the beginning of this season, been playing really well.  And just not quite putting four rounds together.  And I'm starting to do that again, which is nice, and I'm starting to finally see some results, which is good.

Q.  112 yards, is that what it was, the hole out?

Q.  Sand wedge?
SEAN O'HAIR:  It was a big sand wedge.

Q.  How much did (inaudible) sort of stabilize.  You don't have to chase it this year like you did?
SEAN O'HAIR:  Yeah, it's nice.  It's kind of the story for all of us out here, to be quite honest with you.  There's not too many guys out here that play well every single week.  And you're going to have five good weeks a year.  And to keep your card you're probably going to be making somewhere around $800,000.  And so it's just‑‑ we kind of depend on some good weeks every now and then.  And that's just what I haven't had in the last couple of years.

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