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April 18, 2015

Gael Monfils


T. BERDYCH/G. Monfils
6‑1, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in English, please.

Q.テつ I'd like to know if you're thinking now to give a look at that famous match versus Berdych that you won, and what happened?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Yes, my coach just have it with the French Federation.テつ He told me next week he's going to have everything ready for me.テつ We're going to look how I played.
But, you know, at this point I think for us, today, then it's a loss.テつ I tried a couple things he asked me on purpose even at one stage.テつ I knew it was going to be hard, so I tried couple things just for him to have it on video and be ready for the next time.

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French, please.

Q.テつ How do you feel after that match?テつ Did you feel you were not able to find a solution to his game?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Tomas is one of the players who gives me the most trouble.テつ I can't find, not even talking about a solution, but a way of playing that gives him trouble and that I can feel comfortable with.
My game doesn't give him trouble at all.テつ I am not even frustrated because I knew it would happen beforehand.テつ I hope I will find a solution someday.

Q.テつ In the beginning of the second set, you tried to put him off balance and it seemed to pay off.テつ Was it difficult to keep it up?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ I did that, but also people don't help you.テつ I was trying to find a solution.テつ I had that bad feeling that he was making no mistakes at all.

Q.テつ What do you mean when you say that people don't help you?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, as soon as you try to do something that is not standard, people are surprised and react.テつ Whereas at that particular moment, I am even more concentrated because I'm trying to do something different.

Q.テつ Also going onto the court, did you feel mentally stressed?テつ In the beginning you missed a few points that were not because of him.
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ You're tough with me.
In the beginning, on the contrary, I thought I was able to sustain his rhythm pretty well.テつ But I was making him play well.テつ I had to change my game all the time because he was just too strong.テつ In fact, he was really enjoying my game.

Q.テつ You didn't have a high first‑serve percentage.テつ Was that a factor?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ It is very important, yes, because I need to serve better against him.
I feel I'm serving well.テつ But even if I have a serve at 205 kilometers per hour, he returns very deep and he hits hard, then it's difficult for me.
I need to play closer to the lines.テつ Even when I hit a slice serve at 180 that I believe is good, he still returns it very well.テつ I need to serve a lot better.テつ I need to serve my second serve at 160 kilometers per hour, at least.

Q.テつ You say 'If I want to beat him.'テつ But you did beat him once.
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Yes, but that was luck, once out of seven times.テつ I don't even remember that match.

Q.テつ You sounds like everything depends on him and not on you.
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ It depends on both.テつ Whenever he has a letdown, I need to be there and try to take advantage.テつ It also depends on having good tactics against him.テつ For the time being, I don't have that.

Q.テつ You just beat Federer, and now you lost to Berdych.テつ What is your assessment of this week?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, it all depends.テつ You always like some players more than others.テつ Gilles Simon prefers to play Berdych than Roger.テつ That's assist.テつ Like Richard likes to play against Berdych.テつ That's why he played him in this Davis Cup tie.

Q.テつ You made it to the semifinals here in Monte‑Carlo.テつ This was not scheduled.テつ Are you pleased with this tournament?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Yes.テつ I've been playing well.テつ I'm feeling fit.テつ I have a few things to adjust still.テつ But I can see the work I've been doing is starting to pay off.
I am more reassured by my average level.

Q.テつ You really don't remember the match you won against Berdych?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Not at all.テつ I have absolutely no memories.テつ It is really surprising.テつ Usually I remember all my matches.

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