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April 18, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q.  Well, Jim, another tremendous round here at the RBC Heritage.  I know you love coming to play here.  Was it me or did you scare just about every putt you looked at today?
JIM FURYK:  Well, I had a few ones that didn't go in.  I definitely hit the hole a couple of times.  The one at 16 I thought might go.  The one at 18 I thought might go.  I hit some good solid ones.  I hit a few that I wasn't real proud of, as well.  But for the most part I feel like I putted solid, I just didn't make a whole ton of them.  But it was a good solid round.

Q.  How are you feeling about a Sunday here at the RBC Heritage?
JIM FURYK:  You know, I'm anxious to see what the weather is going to do.  I'm going to get home and look at the weather report.  I know we might be in and out a little bit.  So it will be probably a patient day.  I'm hoping we don't have to play in a ton of rain.  I'm also hoping we finish, because my wife and I have a charity foundation event on Monday at Ponte Vedra, so I want to make sure I'm there for that.
But I'm looking forward to it.  I had a chance early in the year to win at Pebble Beach.  Didn't play very well on Sunday.  So I'd like to get out there tomorrow.  I'm anxious to get out there again, and have another opportunity.

Q.  Jim, talk about today's round.
JIM FURYK:¬† Well, I thought it was a good solid round.¬† 3‑under wasn't by far the best round of golf today, but hit a lot of fairways, kept the ball in front of me, didn't get in a lot of trouble today.¬† You know, I only made three birdies; no bogeys today, so I'd like to get out there tomorrow.¬† Yesterday I had eight birdies.¬† I like the idea of seeing those putts go in, and I'd like to get out there tomorrow and hopefully get on that roll again, and see some putts drop and put up some birdies up it there.

Q.  With everyone teeing off at the same time, does that change your approach at all with the weather?
JIM FURYK:  Not really.  I just have to be ready for a patient day.  We could be out and in and kind of back and forth from the course.  Looks like there's going to be some thunderstorms rolling through in and out all day.  So I'm hopeful we get out there and get it finished.
But just really a patient day.  Know that it's going to be wet.  That could allow a lot of guys be aggressive, as long as it's not windy.

Q.  A lot of great rounds out here.  Many, many great rounds, including yours.  You have to feel very confident going into tomorrow with where you're sitting.
JIM FURYK:  I've always enjoyed this golf course.  I'm comfortable here.  I feel so far this week my game has been pretty good and I'd like to carry it on to tomorrow.  It's definitely a place that when I'm playing well I'm very comfortable.  It's one of my favorite golf courses that we play all year.

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