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April 16, 2015

Paula Creamer


MODERATOR:  Happy to be joined in the media center by Paula Creamer after a second straight 3‑under round; 6‑under for the tournament; 4 back.  What's the approach going into the weekend?
PAULA CREAMER:  You know, I'm hitting the ball very well.  Giving myself a lot of the opportunities.  I love playing in wind.  I always have.
I have a pretty good record in Hawaii.  I feel very comfortable just working the ball and putting the ball in the right spot, and hopefully going into the weekend I'll just continue being aggressive and take my pars when you need to, but try to capitalize a little bit more on the par‑5s.
That's going to be my key going into the weekend.
MODERATOR:  Questions.

Q.  Leaderboard has been set since about noon.  You're the only one in the afternoon group that's been able to do anything.  Was it pretty tough out there?
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, it was.  The greens in the afternoon get a little bumpy here or there, so you got to watch your pace.  It's hard to be super aggressive with your putts, especially with the wind.  It never really let up at all.  We were thinking the last four our five holes it would calm down a little bit, but it really didn't.
Unfortunate bogey for me on the last hole.  Hit it on the wrong tier.  I thought I made my par putt, but just not hard enough.
There are birdies out there.  You just have to keep plugging along and be patient in these windy conditions.

Q.  Overall though you feel good about the round?
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, of course.  I've been working really hard these past couple of months.  After the Asia swing at the beginning of the year, I just kind of said, That's enough this, and really tried to put my head on straight.
I've been hitting the ball a lot better and making some putts.  I had some issues with my contact and I was like basically blind in Asia.  We went to a couple doctors afterwards and we figured it out and I can actually see now, which is nice.
It's kind of been one of those grinds, and I'm very pleased with where I'm at right now.

Q.  I know this is probably a little bit of a special place for you; won here a couple times.

Q.  I think you also made your professional debut at Turtle Bat; is that right?
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah, I did, in '05.  I ended up winning it in, what was it, '07 maybe?  '06?  Yeah, '06.  I won it the next year.
But I love playing in these types of golf courses.  Just the wind, the conditions, your misses are exaggerated so much when you play in this kind of weather.
Being a good ball‑striker is incredibly important, and that's something that I've always‑‑ was one of my strengths.  For me, I like this.  The windier it gets the better.

Q.  You had something on Twitter about a potential women's Masters event, which I think most of us think would be great.  Can you comment on reaction or anything else you've heard or thoughts?
PAULA CREAMER:  Yeah.  It is 2015.  I think it's time that we can do something with that.  The Masters does such a great job of growing the game.  In Augusta, just in that area, they're so big of making golf bigger in all genres, whether it's junior golf or just the excitement of it.
There is no reason why we can't use that to grow women's golf.  We're just as much a part of it as the men are.  That would be awesome.  I've played there.  I've been there.  I've stayed at Butler Cabin.
I think a lot of the patrons would enjoy two weeks there.  You know, get to go back to Augusta and have the pimento cheese sandwiches again.
It's a challenge to us as well.  There is no reason why I don't feel we shouldn't be able to play.
MODERATOR:  Anything else for Paula?  Good playing.  Appreciate the time.
PAULA CREAMER:  Thanks, guys.

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