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April 16, 2015

Matt Every


Q.  Tremendous round.  The best score you've had here as a professional.  And you leaned on that short game a little bit today, too, didn't you?
MATT EVERY:¬† I good.¬† I channeled Jonas Blixt out there today.¬† Just, God, it was greasy today.¬† It wasn't my best ball‑striking.¬† It wasn't playing that easy either, but I got a lot out of my game for sure.

Q.  Yeah.  Talk about those conditions a little bit because there were some cool temperatures and some wind out there to contend with.
MATT EVERY:¬† Yeah, yeah, it was blowing ‑‑ banking those trees when it blows, just when it says it's coming from the north, it could be, you know, banking off the trees and going another way.¬† So it was a little dicey, but for the most part I did a pretty good job.

Q.  How big for you to get off to this sort of a start, and try to rekindle some of that momentum from the Arnold Palmer Invitational, as well?
MATT EVERY:¬† Yeah, I've been playing well, still.¬† I mean San Antonio, I kind of got a bad wave there.¬† It was like a four‑shot difference.¬† And then Augusta last week, that place just isn't for me.

Q.  Not yet.
MATT EVERY:  Yeah.  So I'm playing well and I feel like I still have that momentum.

Q.  You put yourself in great position for tomorrow to be tied with a guy who's already won this thing.  You have to be excited about that?
MATT EVERY:  Yeah.  It's 18 holes.  I mean, there's a long ways to go.  A long ways to go.  So it is nice to play well.

Q.  What particular aspect of your game is responsible for such good score today?
MATT EVERY:¬† Man, my short game was awesome.¬† The best it's been in a long time.¬† Saved a ton of shots.¬† Probably shouldn't have shot 5‑under, more like even, but I'll take it.

Q.  An example of that is on the 8th hole.  It's not always the birdies you make but the bogeys you don't make.
MATT EVERY:¬† Yeah, so I chipped in actually the two holes before that.¬† So this was for three chip‑ins in a row.¬† It was really greasy today.¬† But, yeah, man, I'll take it any way I can get it.

Q.  Looking back at your Arnold Palmer victory, you did it in such great style.  Tell us the feelings you went through winning this for a second year.
MATT EVERY:  Yeah, man, right about there, serious goosebumps.  I've only had them a couple of times in my life.  It was a great feeling.  I want to win somewhere else.

Q.  You’re currently up to 41st in the world.  How excited are you about the opportunities of that?
MATT EVERY:  Yeah, being in the top 50 is huge.  Match play in a couple of weeks, and then the World Golf events, it's a big deal for guys that are kind of in my area.  So I'm excited.

Q.  Talk about maximizing your opportunities.  Matt hit only seven greens in regulations, but made six birdies.  How would you describe that?
MATT EVERY:  It was greasy, that's how I describe it.  I just got a ton out of it.  Chipped in twice.  You know, it's a weird game, probably the worst I've hit it in a while.  Last week I felt like I hit it great and I missed the cut.  Today was the complete opposite.  So it's a weird game.  I'll take it.

Q.  What does it do for your mentality when you don't have your best, but you post a great score like that?
MATT EVERY:  It's nice.  I felt like I stole one.  I probably stole five or six shots today.  So hopefully I can hit it a little bit and keep plugging away.

Q.  What do you like about this golf course?
MATT EVERY:  I like the small greens, which kind of puts a premium on your iron play.

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