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April 15, 2015

Gilles Simon


G. SIMON/B. Paire
6‑4, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French.

Q.テつ You were wishing for a good match today.テつ You had it, right?
GILLES SIMON:テつ It's difficult for us to find a good rhythm on our serves because we put a lot of pressure on our returns.テつ He returned very well today.テつ For these reasons, there were many breaks during the match.
I know I couldn't count on my service games.テつ Service games were no longer that important, and I was expecting this.

Q.テつ You were not serving well in Miami.テつ How did you serve today?
GILLES SIMON:テつ The conditions in Miami were a lot different.テつ They were faster.テつ You know then that you need to earn free points with your serve.
On clay, it is more difficult to hit aces.テつ If you try too hard on your first serve, you have to serve many second serves, then you are exposed to good returns.テつ This is why it's better to put the first serve in and start the rally.

Q.テつ You seemed very calm, very focused.
GILLES SIMON:テつ It did me good to have some rest.テつ I'm not that calm, but I'm able to manage the situation.
The match against Ferrer was just too much in every respect.テつ Today I was broken early, but I remained calm.テつ I only got nervous when he started getting angry.

Q.テつ He discussed the point for a very long time.
GILLES SIMON:テつ He called the physio twice, and then he started discussing a point for a long time.テつ I was starting to lose my concentration.
But I was able to stay calm.テつ Since we were playing a good game, it helped me focus on my own game.

Q.テつ He was always trying to play his backhand, which is his best shot.
GILLES SIMON:テつ That was my game, too.テつ If we both play backhand to backhand, we play well.テつ If we play forehand to forehand, then we don't play as well.
I wanted to make him move a lot.テつ I wanted to have a lot of pace and to hit hard.

Q.テつ What did you think about his changes in mood?テつ He managed to break a racquet.
GILLES SIMON:テつ I saw that coming.テつ He started the match very poorly.テつ He already had a warning at 30‑15, which is pretty early in the match.

Q.テつ Do you joke about this in the locker room?
GILLES SIMON:テつ No, we don't talk about it.テつ He always had that problem.テつ I know he worked on it, and you can see it.テつ I was mentally prepared for that.

Q.テつ Nobody's happy to play against David Ferrer.テつ How do you feel before the next match?
GILLES SIMON:テつ I'm interested to see how it's going to go.テつ I feel good right now.テつ If I have no problems before the match, I really want to see how it's going to be.
In Miami I was not feeling so good, and the conditions were tougher for me.テつ I was seeing him as a very tough player to beat.テつ Whereas here, I feel good.テつ I really feel I can do something good.

Q.テつ You said Court No. 2 was okay.テつ Was it the same today?
GILLES SIMON:テつ Yes, except for the noise coming from other courts, especially when Fabio is playing.テつ But I had the right state of mind today and I was able to forget about all this and stay focused.

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