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July 30, 2005

Tom Watson


Q. Talk about your round today.

TOM WATSON: Well, it was a sloppy round today is what it was. I didn't get the ball in the fairway very often and I four putted the 6th hole for a double bogey there. I had about 12 feet and I rolled it by about two feet, and I shoved it and lipped it out and rolled it back about six feet and then missed it coming back. So that puts kind of a roadblock on your game plan when you do something like that.

You don't win golf tournaments when you do that.

I hit a couple good iron shots. Everything I was missing today. I was missing a little bit right, and I had my troubles. I had my troubles today. It was just one of those days I played a little sloppy.

Q. Does the strategy change if the greens are going to be harder?

TOM WATSON: Well, I'm going to have to rely on the swing a little bit better tomorrow and hit the ball a little straighter than I did today. It didn't go very straight today, and when you don't hit it very straight, you get your due reward, which was a 73 in my case.

Q. Were you in the attack mode today or did you have to gear it back a little bit, hit 3 woods at times?

TOM WATSON: Well, the course dried out, so you had to hit you couldn't hit driver on some of the holes. I had a surprise at 12. My 3 wood went through the fairway. I hit 3 wood and it went right through the fairway there. Again, since it dried out, we had to kind of lay back a little bit and let the ball roll, and that wasn't a surprise, let's put it that way.

These fairways are in beautiful shape, and I knew after the first drive on the first hole that the ball was going to roll on these fairways. That changed your game plan off the tee, changed my game plan. The trouble is I couldn't put the ball in the fairway.

Q. Was the course conditions the biggest reason for that? You didn't hit fairways nearly as much.

TOM WATSON: No, my swing was the biggest reason today. I don't have any excuses. My swing was a little bit sketchy today, a little bit like it was yesterday, and I got my due reward yesterday. Yesterday I got away with it, today I didn't.

Q. Four shots, you figure you've still got a real good shot?

TOM WATSON: Well, I'm still in the golf tournament. I can still I can't make the mistakes I did today, that's for sure. I can only afford maybe one mistake tomorrow, that's it. So that's my game plan, one mistake is all I can afford.

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