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April 14, 2015

Grigor Dimitrov



Q.  Tough first‑round match.  You must have been very pleased to come through that.
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Yeah, tell me about it.  It's never easy, especially first match, having an opponent like that.
Verdasco is known for his strength, especially on a clay court.  I'm really happy with that win because it shows that I've done something right the days coming into the tournament.
It's a positive thing for me for the next one.

Q.  In a way, was that the ideal kind of match for you to get things kicked off on the clay in terms of seeing where your game is at?  Is that the sort of match you might have lost earlier on in the season?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  That's a tough call.  But I would have loved to finish in straight sets, then I probably would have felt better.
But anyway, I mean a win is a win.  I need to take things the way they are, accept them, and at the same time do the fine tuning.  I think this is the moment for me that I can say I've really done some good work on clay.
Right after Miami, I started hitting on clay.  I knew I had a good preparation, I could count on my legs, the strategy I was picking.
So, yeah, things are going well.

Q.  You seem to be in the most stacked section of the draw, really big names in there.  Does that faze you?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  What can you do?  I wish I could pick first, second, third, fourth round.  There really is no way.
It is what it is.  As I said, you need to accept.  I mean, I think everyone is good.  If you think about it, everyone in the draw.  If you're here, if you're main draw, you can play.
In a way, you got to be ready for everything.  If you think about it, yeah, I have opponents that are difficult.  But I'm happy for that because that's a good stage to start.  At the same time it's something that I wanted.  I've worked to get to positions like that and play against them and see who wins.

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