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April 13, 2015

Edouard Roger-Vasselin


J. SOUSA/E. Roger‑Vasselin
6‑1, 3‑6, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French.

Q.テつ You had a good week in Guadeloupe, so you're back into it now?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ I had a good U.S. tour.テつ I qualified for Indian Wells and Miami.テつ I went to the final in Guadeloupe.テつ I had a good month overall.
Maybe this tournament came a bit soon after that, and I'm paying for all these efforts.テつ But I feel good in spite of today's match that I just missed.

Q.テつ So it is because you were tired?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ Yes.テつ You don't need to go and try to find complicated reasons.テつ For the first set it was difficult for me to get into the match.テつ Then I played better the second set and the beginning of the third.テつ It became tougher because he was more reactive, he was more aggressive, and I was feeling the tiredness then.

Q.テつ All of this progress, is it due to your coach?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ I think it's rather the fact that my injury of my hip that I had at the end of last year is healing, and I am finding again my capabilities.テつ As a result, I'm playing better, even if I don't have exceptional results.
But if it keeps going that way, there's no reason for me not to get back to my best level.

Q.テつ What is your schedule now?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ I'm going to play doubles here first, then I'm going to try to qualify for Barcelona and Rome, playing singles and doubles.

Q.テつ Doubles is a goal for you because of Davis Cup?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ Yes, indeed.テつ I was not far from being able to play in Frankfurt.テつ Also I know if I play well in singles it is good because I become more credible as a member of the Davis Cup team.テつ It means if I play the doubles, I can also replace someone in singles.テつ So my ultimate goal would be to play a doubles match in Davis Cup.

Q.テつ You knew Patrice Dominguez.
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ Well, I'm closer to his children, Leo and Lea.テつ I heard the news yesterday.テつ It is terrible.テつ I knew him better as a tournament director than as a national technical director because I wasn't in the Tennis Federation.
We had a very friendly relationship.テつ I knew him as the director of the Montpellier tournament.テつ That's where I won my first doubles title, and he gave me the trophy then.
I went to their place sometimes, but I rather saw his children outside.

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