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April 12, 2015

Jordan Spieth


MODERATOR:テつ Ladies and gentlemen, my distinct pleasure to introduce to you the 2015 Masters Champion, Jordan Spieth.
Jordan, you epitomize the qualities that this club was founded on, and I think if Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts were in the room right now, they would be smiling with pride seeing you sitting in the green jacket.テつ Could you share a few thoughts with us before we open up for questions, just how you're feeling right now.
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ Yeah, I don't really know.テつ It's incredible.テつ It's one of the best feelings I've ever felt.テつ This was arguably the greatest day of my life.
And to join the club that is the green jackets and to join Masters history and put my name on that trophy and to have this jacket forever, it something that I can't fathom right now.
Yesterday I walked out of this interview room saying I want to walk back in there really late tomorrow and sit there with the jacket on.テつ And I watched for a lot of years guys finish on 18; I watched it firsthand last year, and watched guys come into this room with the jacket on and always dreamt of doing the same.
So to be honest, it's just an honor to join those names that have been on the trophy before.テつ And all in all, just very, very happy with the day today.
MODERATOR:テつ Well, you did awesome.

Q.テつ Earlier this week, Ben called you Wyatt Earp and that you're pretty intense.テつ Did you come into this golf tournament after last year with a bit of a chip on your shoulder with needing to prove something to yourself?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I think it was not only last year; it was last week, the combination of the two.テつ I was already hungry from last year having already had an opportunity and watched it slip away and watched Bubba win and everything that came with Bubba being the Masters Champion, and the announcements of it, going on the shows and whatever, I knew I had a chance to win that tournament.
So you get reminded of it all the time because when you're Masters Champion, it's a different legacy.テつ And so that definitely left me hungry.
And then also, having a chance to win the last couple weeks and not quite pulling it off; I knew I was playing well, just needed to be rested enough to come in this week.テつ So the combination of the two allowed me to keep my head down, not worry about anybody else in the field except myself and to play a golf course that is my favorite course in the world in Augusta National.

Q.テつ Two things.テつ What was the hardest part of the golf today; and secondly, did you meet with Ben last night after you were done, and if you did, what did he share with you?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ The hardest part‑‑ the hardest part is just managing the situation and managing the mental side.テつ I knew physically that I could be there.

Q.テつ Was there a moment?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ What's that?

Q.テつ Was there a moment?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ You know, I was in pretty good control, and Michael really kept me in it there on the front nine when I made a couple bogeys.テつ But the key moment I think came down to 16.テつ It was that late.
Before that, I still felt pretty comfortable.テつ Still felt like I could walk up 18 stress‑free.テつ But on 16, when Justin had that birdie putt, then I had that slider for par, that's when I really felt like it could get out of my hands if I'm not careful here.
And he had a lot of putts that just over‑crossed or stopped just short.テつ If he had made‑‑ if a couple of those had dropped for him on the back nine, it would have put even more pressure.
But stepped over that putt just trying to put good speed, feed it out there and visualize a line.テつ That was certainly, I would call that the biggest putt I've ever hit in my life.

Q.テつ And Crenshaw?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I saw Mr.Crenshaw after the round yesterday.テつ He was outside right after media, and he was just‑‑ it was just all positive.
And then he sent me a text that I got this morning.テつ I got a lot of really nice texts, but saying:テつ Stay patient, this is going to be yours, you've got this and you're playing great.テつ Just keep your head down and stay focused, I think is what it said.
But throughout the week, the words of advice and the specifics on the golf course; Michael and I owe a lot to Ben and Carl for creating this opportunity for us.

Q.テつ At the ripe old age of 21, how have your expectations been met so quickly?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I'm not sure.テつ It seems like‑‑ Michael and I were joking on the first tee today, he said‑‑ because the University of Texas team is in Pasatiempo, another great Alastair MacKenzie‑‑ actually, I think he's buried there.テつ They are at Pasatiempo and I would be a senior with the time right now.
He said, "Aren't you glad you are not at Pasatiempo right now?"テつ He said, "Face it, aren't you glad you're here instead of there?"
That kind of sums it up.テつ To have left school and take a chance and everything that happened in 2013 to prepare for last year to be in the majors and to have the opportunity; 2013 is the reason I had the experience from last year, which then allowed me to win this year.テつ So it's all run together.テつ It all happened quickly.テつ Sometimes it feels like a long time ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday.
All in all, it's really cool.テつ This isn't an honor that's carried lightly.テつ The members of Augusta National and everyone who partakes in the Masters and is a part of the Masters, demands the most, the highest quality on and off the course from their champions.テつ I feel ready to carry that baton.

Q.テつ You mentioned the text from Ben.テつ How did it go sleeping on the lead and then all day today having so much time to wait to tee off?テつ How did it go and how did you pass the time?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I slept well the first night on the lead after day one, partly because I was worn out, it was late and I was up early the next morning.
After Friday, Friday night, with 24 hours between 18 and teeing off, I slept okay.
And then last night I didn't sleep as well.テつ I think I probably went to bed a little after midnight and I‑‑ I mean, I would have ideally liked to have slept eight, nine hours.テつ I think I woke up before 7:00, and I was just wide awake.テつ To wake up then and not tee off for nine hours‑‑ is that right?テつ Somebody do the math for me, please, something like that‑‑ is very difficult.
Last year I remember having the same struggle in the morning.テつ But just relaxed with the family and got a good breakfast, came out here and got in the same routine.

Q.テつ Your sportsmanship and demeanor has been praised throughout this week and previous weeks, as well.テつ Could you speak to that and how important it is for you to carry yourself the way you do, especially in the game of golf?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ Well, it's how the game was founded.テつ It's a game of integrity.テつ There's no referees out there.テつ We all respect each other.テつ I don't think in any other sport do you see two opposing teams that are complimenting after each shot or touchdown or whatever it is.
The top players in the world, and really everybody that I've played with on the PGA TOUR, are Class A guys.テつ I have a great time.テつ It makes the transition to this step out into the real world a lot easier.テつ I think it's not just me.テつ I learn from example and I have great examples set before me.

Q.テつ You had talked earlier about you didn't want anybody to think this period of really good golf was a roll or a run; that this is how people should expect you to play.テつ What should people expect now after this?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ Maybe not as much next week (laughter).テつ I'm planning to play Hilton Head.テつ I don't know, I'm a little tired (smiling).
But the ultimate goal that I have mentioned I think each week is try to become the No. 1 player in the world.テつ I don't think I am with this.テつ I think that I'm still behind, and so there's still ‑‑ I'm still chasing that goal.テつ It's going to be very difficult, but to be a large step closer is huge.
I don't know what necessarily to expect.テつ I don't expect to change the way I'm playing.テつ Just try and get enough rest and enjoy this season and this whole year now with being Masters Champion.

Q.テつ I've got to ask you this question.テつ It's something also that Tiger touched on when he finished today.テつ How much credit do you give to that win in Australia at the start of this incredible run you're on?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I owe‑‑ I was thinking about that.テつ That could arguably be one of the best wins that I've ever had.テつ I would obviously call this one the greatest win I've ever had‑‑ no offense (laughter).
But what the Australian Open did is in a period where I had some struggles towards the top of the leaderboard on Sundays, it was a level of patienceand a level of ‑‑ it was trial and error for a couple of times and I had not found the solution.テつ We had not found the solution as a team and we found the solution in Australia against a world‑class field including the World No.1 and 2 at the time.テつ Closing out that tournament and seeing what that meant in the history of that tournament and understanding who won there, it meant a lot.
And to then go the next week and win again there; just to finish tournaments off under pressure as a professional.テつ The first one was almost a fluke, right, I thinned a bunker shot and went in and just hung around in the playoff.テつ But those, I was able to see putts go in.テつ I knew that I could make them under pressure and I knew the strategy mentally, most importantly, to get the job done.
I've just taken that since into this year, wrapping around the off‑season.テつ And once we got into form after a couple weeks of getting the rust off, it's been exactly where it was.

Q.テつ You've spoken of how it psyches you up to be going after No. 1.テつ How excited are you about the potential to be a great rivalry with Rory and how does that set up golf, the future of the sport?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ Yeah, I think it's great.テつ There's an incredible amount of young talent.テつ Guys are coming out and winning quickly, and a lot.テつ We're all very respectful of each other.テつ We all root for each other.テつ And it's not like I'm out there with Patrick Reed saying I hope he misses his putt.テつ It's, I hope I make this, and I hope I make two in a row on top.
That's just kind of the mentality we all have as younger guys coming out now.テつ More comfortable that junior golf tours, college golf, amateur golf, has grown and it's gotten much better and that's the reason you're seeing it.テつ I don't think that it has anything to do with players being out or absent from tournaments.
I think it has to do with a great overall preparation through these different tours now where you kind of almost play it like a PGA TOUR event the way it's structured.
As far as with Rory, he's got four majors.テつ That's something I can still only dream about; and just numerous wins.テつ I'll never hit it as far as he does and I have to make up for that somewhere else.テつ He's an unbelievably nice guy.テつ Carries that World No. 1 with class.
I don't know, as far as a rivalry right now.テつ Look forward to getting in the heat of the moment with him a couple times in the near future and see if we can battle it out and test our games.

Q.テつ There's so much time to think out there.テつ Can you talk a little bit moreabout not letting the enormity of the situation get to you?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ Just from the little experience that I have, just try to draw on it.
A couple times I got a little frustrated today.テつ I was pinched by Michael and said, all right, we still got this thing.テつ He likes to say we've got pocket aces, we are already ahead, we just have to play it out the way we know how to play it out.テつ Michael beats me at poker a lot, by the way, so I just trust him (laughter).
There's a lot of time to think.テつ That's the toughest part about a round like today:テつ When you're in the lead by a few shots with two major champions; and I played with Charley and saw what he's capable of doing right behind.テつ There's a lot of time to think through scenarios and listen to the roars.
We kept our head down.テつ We stayed focused.テつ The way we did it was, the beginning of the day, I texted Michael this will morning and said, "Michael, I want us to get to 20‑under.テつ I want to get to 4 today.テつ I want us to be focused on that."
Then when we got out there and Phil had dropped a shot or two and Justin was in second by one or two shots, I said, all right, let's still strive to get to 4‑under on the day, but we also want to do that‑‑ I almost wanted to then shift and play match play and just say, all right, I'm 1‑down to Justin right now.テつ Let's play against him and see what we can do to get back.テつ That kept my head off of anything else that was going on; the lead.
Once we get to 16 there, that's when it started to kick in that we were getting close to the finish line and other thoughts started to come in.
But unlike in the past, in the distant past, say a year ago, this time, I was ready to make those putts.

Q.テつ Can you tell us what it means to you to be heading to St. Andrews as the Masters Champion and have you played there before?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I have.テつ I played there, when I played in the Walker Cup; we went to St. Andrews before going to Royal Aberdeen.
To go to the Home of Golf and what I consider one of the coolest places in the world is going to be really special as the Masters Champion, with maybe the most knowledgeable fans in the world.テつ I'm sure that it will be a great time, and I look forward to enjoying the town, obviously the tournament, but to enjoy the whole experience of playing in an Open Championship at St. Andrews.テつ It's really cool.
Hopefully at that point, maybe try and go for the third leg of a Grand Slam (laughter).テつ Can't win four unless you win the first, right.

Q.テつ You have peers in this field who have been coming here for years and never solved the riddle of Augusta National and you come in in two years there's an instant connection.テつ Why do you think that is?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I think imagination.テつ I think very feel based.テつ I grew up playing a lot more than I did hitting balls on the range and just hitting the same thing over and over again.
I like to see‑‑ kind of like Bubba, I like to see lines.テつ I like to see shapes, and especially on the greens, I like putts that break.テつ I like being able to kind of cast something out and let it feed in and be very speed‑based.テつ I feel like that's been a strength of mine in the past growing up until now.
And that's what this course gives.テつ From the minute I played it, I was very‑‑ from the first time I played, I was very excited because I felt like it really suited my game.テつ I'm really happy that this major comes here every year (laughter), to have a course like that.
But ultimately, I think it just comes down to imagination and casting things out and seeing lines.テつ You're never hitting off a flat slope unless it's a tee shot or a par 3.テつ Those are the only shots you hit off a flat spot out there.テつ Every other shot is significantly above your feet, downslope, below your feet or whatever, and you've just got to adapt to it.

Q.テつ I assume you'll probably talk to your sister later on.テつ How do you explain to her what that green jacket means, either tonight on the phone or next week when you see her, and what does that green jacket mean to you?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ When I speak to her, she's going to probably tell me to just bring something home, bring a present home to her (laughter).
I'm sure she was watching and was excited when she saw how happy I was with my family there at the end.テつ Probably got a little jealous at that point.テつ But she's just going to be happy that I won.テつ You know, after each round last week, she was out there in Houston and after each round, she said, "Jordan, did you win?テつ Did you win?"
And I said, "Not yet, not yet, no."テつ It'll be, I can tell her I won now (laughter).
What this green jacket means to me, not really sure yet.テつ People will tell me what to do going to Butler Cabin and Bubba goes, "You didn't hear a word they said, did you?"
I said, "Not a chance.テつ You just tell me what to do."
It's too difficult to sink in yet.テつ I took my mind off this moment for the last week to where I really couldn't express words to you that would make sense right now.テつ It would be something to maybe ask in a week or two.テつ But it is very, very special to join this club.

Q.テつ Your father said you watched a movie last night but he wasn't sure what it was.テつ Can you tell us what it was and why?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ It was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and it was on TV, that's why.テつ It wasn't the Golf Channel or Masters coverage, and it's I think one of the greatest movies in the world (laughter).テつ Excited that it came on and had a few laughs, takes your mind off anything that's happening, and that was great.

Q.テつ Continuing on Bernie's thing, can we expect you back in Sydney for the Australian Open to defend?

Q.テつ And can you speak to your instructor, another Australian, and his importance on getting you here?
JORDAN SPIETH:テつ I fully plan on making the trip back to Australia.テつ It was a special week for me and obviously did a lot for my career.テつ Without it, may not be here right now.
Cameron, I talked to Cameron last night for 15 minutes.テつ We really don't talk very much during tournaments.テつ Sometimes text here and there.テつ But especially ones he was at, because I know what I need to do.
We worked hard earlier this week out here, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.テつ Oftentimes he said, you know, you tell me when you're done, because I was very worn out from the final group of the last two weeks and had not gotten much rest.テつ We found a nice balance between keeping that momentum going, which we worked hard for, and wearing out.
You know, I've trusted Cameron since I was, what, 12, turning 13, so eight or nine years.テつ I have complete trust in anything he says.テつ He's my swing coach, putting coach, short game coach, mental coach, everything.テつ He's the one that knows what I'm thinking out there more than anybody else and how to adapt to the situation.テつ I owe everything on the course to him, and you know, he's a very special teacher, somebody who I think is just going to get bigger and bigger, and you're going to see him with a lot of tour players in the future.
MODERATOR:テつ Would you please kind enough just to go through the card?
I hit a 3‑wood off No. 1 tee box and had a good kind of smooth 9‑iron into the green.テつ Tried to bleed a little fade.テつ Got it to land where I wanted and putt where I wanted to, which was a very straight putt coming right back up the hill.
Justin obviously made his putt to start and it was really nice to drop one on top to start the round.
2, I hit 3‑wood to stay short of the bunker.テつ I picked a shot each day to stay just short of that bunker.テつ I think I was driver once and 3‑wood the other three days.テつ I actually had a good number into the green and so I took a 3‑wood out again.テつ No part of me was going to lay up there.テつ I hit a really good shot that just needed to be maybe two or three yards shorter when it landed and it may have fed close to the hole.テつ Instead it was above the hole.テつ Should have pitched it; decided to putt it.テつ Didn't get it all the way down there and then mis‑read the second putt.テつ 3‑putt there for par.
No. 3, I laid back with a 5‑iron off the tee.テつ Had a pitching wedge into the green, which was a little too much club into that hole.テつ Ideally I would have liked to have been up further.テつ But I hit the pitching wedge on a number, got it to where it was a putt that if it would at least be a par, if not a birdie; it's a sucker pin, and just hit one of the better putts I've ever hit.テつ I hit that putt five times in the practice round knowing that that's where I wanted to be.テつ And I fed it out there and it broke five feet from a 12‑, 15‑footer.テつ It fed out there and went in in with perfect speed in the middle.テつ I gave a little fist‑pump after that, excited to be 2‑under through 3 and be back even with Justin on the day.
4, I hit 4‑iron in, stayed just above the ridge.テつ I was 225 yards adjusted, I think.テつ Hit a putt a little past it and made that 4‑footer, kept it in the right side of the hole.
5, I hit 3‑wood off the tee left, which was not ideal.テつ Tried to hook a 7‑iron around the trees.テつ Didn't quite get enough hook on it, so I left it in a spot that you don't want to be.テつ Didn't get the chip on the green and that's really all I had to do.テつ Left it just short and it was actually a good bogey from there, a good 2‑putt.テつ Made a nice 6‑footer for my bogey, which could have saved the round right there.
6, I hit a 6‑iron.テつ Tried to fade it in.テつ I hit it really straight and it ended up pin‑high which was three or four feet higher from the front of the green, so it was a little easier putt.テつ Hit a really good putt in there and tapped it in.テつ That's the kind of stuff I was looking for all day.
7, I hit driver right again and hit a 6‑iron through a little gap in the trees, which may not have been the smartest move, but I didn't really like any other options at that point.テつ Got a bit unlucky because if it wasn't into either of the sand traps, it would have been a pretty easy up‑and‑down.テつ Instead it's in between and I don't have a stance.テつ I'd be interested to see a picture of that.テつ Half my feet were dangling over the bunker.
I was just standing on my toes with the club almost on my toes and hit actually a really good pitch to get it to a makeable length.テつ It's just a tough putt.テつ It's another one you have to cast out to the side, and it's a feel‑based putt.テつ I just didn't quite hit it hard enough to hold its line.
So that was two bogeys in three holes to get back to even.テつ I was disappointed at that time.
8 was a big tee shot.テつ If I hit it in the bunker there, I hit it in the left rough; then it makes the hole a lot harder.テつ It was a big tee shot to hit in the fairway.テつ I hit a hybrid out there just short of the green.テつ If I had killed a hybrid it may have chased on.テつ Otherwise it was going to be just short and I had a very basic up‑and‑down.テつ Just a straight pitch up, funneled probably the left side of the hole and made about a 3‑footer to get back under par.
Good drive on 9.テつ Hit 8‑iron into the green.テつ Stayed up by a rotation.テつ Last year, it seemed like it was one rotation from staying up.テつ And at that moment when I went up and marked that ball, I said, "This could be a difference‑maker."テつ Like it was just last year versus this year.テつ I felt more comfortable.テつ That ball stays up.テつ Last year it came down.
It was just symbolic in a way.テつ Made par there.テつ Rosey had a 3‑putt and that gave me a five‑shot lead going to the back nine.テつ I was aware of that at the time.テつ I was trying to play Rosey match play from there.
I hit 3‑wood off 10.テつ Hit a good 8‑iron in below the hole.テつ Got it left of the pin.テつ Hit a putt that broke left‑to‑right, and it went in with perfect speed to really steal one there.テつ You don't necessarily expect to birdie 10.テつ I think I birdied it three times this week.テつ I played it 3‑under and that's a hard hole.テつ That was the key hole I think for me this week.
11, hit a bad drive.テつ Had to clear the crowd out.テつ It was nice because it was almost gravel over there and it was mowed down.テつ So I knew if I could just get something running with a 4‑iron, it would chase up towards being even with the front of the green and I would have about a 30‑, 40‑yard pitch straight up the green.
I got a nice little hook on that second shot and it got down to the base, too.テつ It couldn't have hit a better shot, second shot on 11.テつ I didn't have many other options and a lot could have gone wrong there if it just catches a pine needle and goes up in the air and hits a tree.
It could have been a big number.テつ Hit a great, great pitch and was in a good position, but left it to where it was just a 2‑footer right center.テつ Ideal and really just stole a stroke back.
Felt like I stole one on 10 and 11.テつ Really with where I was, statistically should have been 1‑over.テつ Instead I was 1‑under on those two holes.
12, I hit it over the bunker instead of like last year going at the pin and hitting it in the water.テつ Hit it in a good spot, just too aggressive.テつ Kind of a dumb 3‑putt.
Hit 3‑wood off 13.テつ Got a nice little hook on the ball and a really good bounce to get up there to a comfortable 5‑iron in.テつ I think 13 were the two biggest shots I've ever hit in my life.テつ Coming off a 3‑putt and Justin being in a pretty good spot off that tee, I needed to do something.テつ I needed to birdie that hole, because otherwise I think I would have dropped‑‑ Phil ended up making eagle, but it would have been around three strokes or something with five or six to play and anything can happen here.
So I missed the 5‑iron a little.テつ I was trying to go a little left and just kind of hit it a little straight, kind of hit it a little off the toe.テつ I was yelling, you know, "Get up, get up."テつ When it landed, from my angle, I thought it hit short in the water and all of a sudden the roar came up and the pitchmark was right on that little peninsula.
And there was another moment where I thought, this could be destiny, just like No.9.テつ This was symbolic.テつ Last year I missed a short birdie putt and now I had a good look at eagle.テつ It's nice to get a birdie.
14, I hit a drive and I hit a 7‑iron in I thought was going to be good when it landed, but it pitched over down the slope, still in a good spot to 2‑putt from.テつ Made about a 3‑footer.
15, I hit driver and I was left with the same scenario I had two other times that week, round one and round three, and that was a number where if I hit a good, solid 4‑iron, it's perfect.テつ And if I go to hybrid, it's probably too much club but it's not in the water.テつ But if I miss a 4‑iron, it could very easily go in the water.
First day I chose hybrid when I probably should have hit 4‑iron.テつ I ended up making bogey from over the green.テつ Yesterday I hit a 4‑iron and just hit it really solid, led to a tap‑in, a 2‑putt birdie.テつ But today I wasn't going to hit 4‑iron.テつ I was going to make sure I was over the green at that point and I put a really good swing on a hybrid, picked a straight line.
When I hit it, I thought maybe it would catch some breeze or fall a little short, and it actually carried past the pin and went over the green.テつ Hit an average chip.テつ Ideally would have liked to have gotten it past the hole to where I was below the hole.
But I didn't carry it far enough.テつ It hit short of the green and came down a little bit and then made a really good 6‑footer that had to start outside the hole.テつ Pushed it a little and it still stayed on the right side.
16, I was trying to hit a smooth 7‑iron.テつ Could have been an 8‑iron, but at the time the wind was kind of flipping.テつ If I knew that it was going to be down, I would have just ripped an 8; instead we hit to 7.
Justin hit a 7, I think he hit a 7‑iron, and when he hit it, he thought it was long on his line up on top of the slope, and instead it just actually pitched short of the pin.
That changed actually what I thought about the shot.テつ I was just going to hit a nice smooth, high fade off the pin and drop it short right of the hole there and there wasn't going to be any trouble with it.テつ Instead I thought I had to hit it harder because I thought maybe the wind was doing something different or whatever.テつ Just came over the top.
Then I got over that shot and I'm sitting there going, this is I think Tiger in 2005.テつ This is the shot.テつ Let's chip this thing in.テつ I think that's arguably the greatest shot that's ever been hit in major championship golf given the time and what it meant for him.
And I was sitting there looking at a little easier chip, but the same kind of pitch it up; missed the chip and had a 5‑, 6‑footer that I had to play about six inches outside the hole on, or maybe even a foot.
At that point, I was with my putter.テつ Didn't care what it looked like.テつ Didn't care my posture.テつ Didn't care the mechanics.テつ It was all feel‑based.テつ I was seeing the line.テつ I was seeing the arc of the putt.
Same thing on 15, and just going with it.テつ Fortunately they were good strokes and they started on my line and that one went in the middle, and that's when‑‑ that was maybe the biggest putt I've ever hit.テつ Given that left‑to‑righters downhill have been my nemesis, those are putts that I miss right 90 percent of the time I miss them, and oftentimes look up and get out of them a little early.
I stayed with my head down on that putt and just said, you know, this is a huge moment.テつ Let's knock this thing in.テつ After Justin missed his, and it was almost like a tease for him; could have been a two‑shot swing, instead, all‑square.
17, I drove it.テつ I hit 7‑iron again.テつ Wanted to just make sure that I landed on the green.テつ Flushed that one up in the air and it got it really easy.テつ It got it below the hole with a 15‑, 18‑footer, couldn't have asked for more.テつ Putted it up there to an inch, tapped in, went to 18 with a 4‑shot lead.
My driver today was not what I wanted it to be.テつ I was just slap‑shotting it at the end.テつ Didn't feel comfortable ripping straight balls, which is ideally what I like to do.テつ Towards the end of that round, I was just kind of taking it back and just coming over the top and hitting a little heel‑cutter.
But that's all I needed towards end of the day today and that's what I hit on 17, andreally that's what I hit on 14, 15, 17 and 18.テつ Got it over in the pine straw and instead of hitting back to a wedge, I knew I could get a 5‑iron at least into the bunker.テつ If it gets in the bunker then I can just blast it out on to the green.
If you have a wedge in, you never know if you're in a divot and you can miss the green.テつ Just different‑‑ I knew I could get it up close to the green and that was going to be the best option.テつ It curved over to a perfect spot and at that point I knew I had won the tournament.
After I got that 5‑iron out, I kept my head down before that.テつ I wasn't enjoying‑‑ I was enjoying the ride and the intensity of the round because that's what we play for.テつ But it didn't creep into my mind that I had won the tournament until I hit that second shot on 18 and walked up there.テつ And I said to Michael before we walked up to that chip, I said, "Mike, I think we just did it."
He says, "No, you haven't yet.テつ Don't say that.テつ Just go up there and hit the chip."テつ That was perfect.テつ That's what he should say there.テつ Got up there and hit a chip and obviously would have liked to just make the putt to finish in style, but I think I had four of them at that point.
So that was really, really cool to be able to walk up to the green with a few shots to spare and not worrying about anything and being able to enjoy that walk, soak it in.
I'll never forget watching the front of the hole as the last tap‑in went in the front edge.テつ There was no need for crazy celebrations.テつ At that point I was just really, really pleased with the whole week, being out on top, being able to stay on top and to conquer my favorite tournament in the world.
MODERATOR:テつ Jordan, congratulations.

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