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April 11, 2015

Kevin Streelman


Q.テつ What are your thoughts on your round today?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ A solid round.テつ I got off to a great start.テつ I was 3‑under through 8.テつ I was hoping to maybe get to 4, 5‑, 6‑under.テつ But it is what it is.テつ This course, you can only take so much.
A couple silly, one silly 3‑putt at 10 and just didn't execute on the par‑5s where I needed to on the back.
But still I'm at 6‑under and tomorrow's going to be a lot of fun.テつ There's some big names up on the leaderboard.テつ It should be rocking out here tomorrow.

Q.テつ It seems like it's quiet around you.テつ It seems like you've been up there on the board for almost the entire tournament?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ My whole career is like that.
(Laughter.)テつ Just kind of quiet.テつ Quiet and steady.テつ Which I'm fine with.テつ So, yeah.

Q.テつ Have you talked with Ethan at all since Wednesday?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ Yeah, he came over Thursday and we signed some stuff for him and kind of said our goodbyes, he was leaving Friday.テつ I said, keep me updated on everything and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.テつ Just a great kid and a great family and it's an honor to do that with him.

Q.テつ I'm sure you're sick of hearing about the par‑3 curse at this point, but is there any pride in playing as well as you have following that at all?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ You know, I just don't believe in anything like that, personally.テつ So to me it really had no bearing or not much thought.

Q.テつ What does it mean when you go up on Sunday tomorrow and see your name on the leaderboard?テつ What's that whole experience going to be like do you think?
KEVIN STREELMAN:テつ It's cool, but I work extremely hard at my craft, too.テつ So it's kind of, I wouldn't say I expect to, but I'm just not surprised by it, too.テつ I've been working very diligently the past few years and have steadily improved.
At the same time, I'm 36 years old, so I know I won't be doing this forever, so I'll just enjoy these experiences when I can and whatever happens, happens.

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