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April 11, 2015

Adam Scott


Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT:  I hit a flyer straight over the green and made a double there.  And I was in scoring position so many times.  I played well enough for 56 today and walk away with 74.  It's just not enough.

Q.  What is that for a margin in between?
ADAM SCOTT:  Really poor.  If I hit over the back there, I hit it over the back of 15.

Q.  What did you have there on the 5th?
ADAM SCOTT:  An 8‑iron.

Q.  Standing on the 4th tee did you kill it‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  Not necessarily, but you can never get ahead of yourself here.

Q.  A lot of the week there was talk about did Tiger have anything in his game or not from other golfers.  What's it like to have him back in the picture, to get his game seemingly back on track?
ADAM SCOTT:  We need Tiger to be playing great.  It's good for golf.  A lot of guys are playing really well.  And I think we need him up there, as well.  It makes the game what it is.

Q.  Is it disappointment, frustration, what is it you're feeling?
ADAM SCOTT:  I've got to figure out how you play well and have bad scores, it's very frustrating.

Q.  Despite the game holding pretty well, it seems all the foibles come into play there.
ADAM SCOTT:  If you hit the green it's going to stop there.  The course is as receptive as I can remember it, to be honest.  Unfortunately I missed the green and you find yourself in the most severe lies around this golf course, that you don't often find on other ones.  And you really can't practice them.  I'm around greens all day, and you put yourself in spots that you end up with a bad lie.

Q.  Is it odd‑‑ a lot of people said it's been soft this week.  There are a couple of guys that have distanced themselves from the field?
ADAM SCOTT:  No, it's still a demanding test.  I think that fine line of difficult and easy is very fine in a major, whether it's length and severe things going on, whether it's rough at a U.S. Open or the greens and positioning of your golf ball here is so important.  You can hit a pretty good shot, like I thought I did on the 9th, and you just skip up the running shelf and you figure out how you actually keep the putt on the green.  And a two‑putt is holding a 12‑footer for your second putt and you're happy walking off the next.  It's a fine line from rolling back down the slope, and having a chance to go in the hole for two.  And it's a matter of inches.  It's a very fine line.  And Jordan plays well and makes no errors.  It's like I said, I could have found 7 to 8 shots easily today.

Q.  Sometimes some guys have said the difference in those situations are where you might be in between clubs and you just don't go after it and then you find yourself saying I'll be 15 feet short or 15 feet by, and all of a sudden you find yourself 40 feet by?
ADAM SCOTT:  That's the way it is around here.  You have to deal with it.  On 16 I just didn't have a club I could hit near the pin.  The 9‑iron was really going to struggle to get there.  So I pitched 5 yards short and you've got a 45 footer up the hill, and now the chance of 3‑putting is much higher.  That's the way it is.  It's just a grind.  Majors are a grind.  You need some things to go your way, and you need to get those numbers right.  And today was one of those where I felt like I got robbed.

Q.  When you saw the pairing with Jason, did that help you in some way to take the edge off?  I know you both had a lot of work to do.  But did that help you?
ADAM SCOTT:  We've played a lot together over the last few years.  It's a nice pairing for me.  It's a very comfortable pairing.  But it doesn't help make up a 12 shot deficit.

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