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April 10, 2015

Adam Scott


Q.  I'm sure that bogey save at the last was very important to your mindset?
ADAM SCOTT:  Absolutely, yeah.  Bad tee shot and tried to make a meal of it, unfortunately I was trying to be a hero with my first chip, and unfortunately it didn't come off.  There's lots of good stuff out there and my game felt free today, which I liked.  I swung the club nicely.  I haven't made a lot of putts but haven't missed any, either.  And I just need to get something happening.  Getting off to a good start, but "old man par," when you're 14 back teeing off is not what you need.  You need to just get it going.  And I thought I'd get it going on the back nine today.  So if I can put in a good round tomorrow, and the leader struggle like they can on the weekend, hopeful I can maybe get within six.

Q.  You're not used to teeing off that far back on a Friday, obviously.  What do you think when you go out there like that?
ADAM SCOTT:  Just so much golf to play.  It will be really interesting to see what happens.  I hope there's no rain coming between now and tomorrow's round, because the greens were certainly starting to firm up.  The last few greens just had a little more bounce in them.  And that will make it interesting for the weekend, which, you know, around here‑‑ Jordan set this pace again today, but not many other great scores.  It's playing about as easy as it can and the scoring was good, but not incredible.

Q.  Within reason tomorrow how aggressive do you go out tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT:  Gauging the conditions, I've got to think I've just got to do what I've done the first couple of days, get off to that nice start and try and get it under par through the first seven, and anything under par is where you want to be.  From there you can shoot absolutely anything.  But realistically if you got to 67 I'd take that and run tomorrow.

Q.  Three eagles, that's pretty eye popping stuff.
ADAM SCOTT:  Incredible.  DJ is playing so good at the moment, and he can dominate a game when you play a par 5 like that.  Three eagles, it's hard to have a bad score.  And everything is just a par‑4 for him.

Q.  You obviously managed to get a little bit of buzz on there, on 15, once he'd done that, as well.
ADAM SCOTT:  He might argue that he was closer, but I putted first.  But we were very close.  After I saw him hit it close there I brought the line in a little tighter to the pin, come on, you've got to do something.  It's just been a slow couple of days, as far as getting it going, especially today when I felt I was swinging the club well and just couldn't quite get the ball in that great spot to have good looks at it.

Q.  Is it at a point where it's Jordan's to lose or too early to say that?
ADAM SCOTT:  I don't know, how many is he leading by?

Q.  Five.
ADAM SCOTT:  I hate to bring it up, but we've seen all this kind of stuff happen before.  And 36 putts is a lot of golf.  It's his to win tomorrow, but he could, I mean if he happened to shoot 66 again, it's over.

Q.  Do you know what Ben Crenshaw finished at?  Are you going to see him?
ADAM SCOTT:  He's just finishing now.  I'll wait for him for sure.  He's been really emotional this week.  He was fantastic earlier in the week, did an unbelievable job at the dinner.  And as emotional as he is, he's still going to come back for a long time.  He might not play, but that's the beauty of winning, I think, is that he'll be around hopefully for many more years.

Q.  Do you think you'll be playing at his age?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  Around here, yeah.  (Laughter.)  If I can walk it I'll give it a run.

Q.  What did you hit into 16?
ADAM SCOTT:  5‑iron.

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