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April 10, 2015

Justin Rose


Q.  Well done.  Bogey‑free the first four holes, clean run any way, how did you turn it around?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, just literally drew a line on my scorecard, like this, pretty deep with pencil.  And like a metaphorical line in the sand and just said to myself, come on, play one shot at a time so I can control.  I needed to turn it around.
It was a bad start, just didn't feel comfortable on the golf course.  The wind was swirling in between clubs on every shot.
I birdied 5, which settled things down, and got in the same rhythm that I had yesterday.  And to just shoot 5‑under really from the this hole in, I was pretty proud of that.

Q.  How much were you watching the leaderboard and aware of what Jordan was doing?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Hard not to be aware of what a special couple rounds he's put in.  To be 14‑under, the golf course really isn't playing that easy.  I know we've had it a little bit soft.  But there was some bounce in it today and there's enough breeze where it's tricky and we've played every inch of this golf course today.  The tees were way, way back.  It was playing really long.  That's some special golf he's put in.

Q.  With this course and the way the greens are playing, a five shot lead isn't that big a lead, is it?  I know you're 7 back, but‑‑
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, there's never a big enough lead on this golf course.  You going to get to Amen Corner on Sunday, so there's a lot that can happen.  Obviously he's in complete control of his game.  It's not like this happened out of the blue to him.  There's been three or four weeks he's been comfortable with the lead and being in contention.  So that's going to really pay off for him probably.
But the chasing pack, I think there's always a score on this golf course, especially on Sunday, if you hit the right time.  You're going to get the right feeder shot into the pins.  There's always that 65 out there with an opportunity to make up some ground.  It's a major championship.  It's never easy playing with the lead, either.

Q.  Crenshaw is making his last go around, what has he meant to this place?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Obviously any multiple winner of this tournament goes down in history as a legend.  And with his silky putting stroke, he's been iconic on the greens for years, it's very fitting that he's won a couple of green jackets.
I haven't gotten to know Ben very well, but the little I have got to know about him he's a super nice guy.  He's a student of the game, as he said himself.  He's designing some fantastic golf courses and I'm sure Augusta has been probably a big part of that, too.

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