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July 31, 2005

Tom Watson


Q. Just sum up your week. I guess the driver issue ended up not hurting you?

TOM WATSON: It really didn't hurt me all that much. I didn't use it very much the last two rounds. When I used it, I used it okay. The 3 wood is what put me in trouble a bunch of times this week. I didn't hit the ball that straight with the 3 wood, and that shouldn't have been.

I made my share of good shots this week and put myself in position to win the golf tournament and just didn't come through.

Q. Did this course change a lot from Thursday to today?

TOM WATSON: It changed quite a bit as far as the roll in the fairways. I hit the ball through the fairway at 10 and 11 today. 10 went right through the fairway, now I'm dead. 11 I hit a 4 wood right through the fairway and there I'm dead, too. That cost me not knowing how fast the fairways were right there. But I played some pretty smart shots and played behind and played behind the length and tried to put the ball in the fairways with a 3 wood and did a pretty good job of that. I can't complain.

Q. Would you have been surprised if someone said to you that somebody at 3 under had a chance to win this event today?

TOM WATSON: 3 under? What do you mean?

Q. Somebody that was 3 under when you started today.

TOM WATSON: Of course I would, sure. He shot a great round of golf today.

Q. There's a couple of those I guess the putt on 7, the putt on 12. Were they the most frustrating for you? Especially 7, looked like just a good birdie chance there.

TOM WATSON: Yeah, I didn't do I only had one good streak in four weeks with the putter, and that was the third round of the British Senior, and I had a good streak there. I made some long putts this week. I can't say I putted terribly, but I certainly didn't make good of the opportunities I had.

Q. The four putt yesterday, was that the one, I guess, scenario that sort of derailed the momentum that you had been building to?

TOM WATSON: That never helps the momentum, I'll tell you that. Obviously I can't look back on that. I still had the opportunity to win the tournament, and I didn't take advantage of some of the opportunities that I had after the four putt yesterday and some of the opportunities I had today. I didn't play particularly well today. I didn't keep the ball in play as well as I did the first two days.

Q. Still, made the cut at the British Open, won an event, you had a pretty good stretch.

TOM WATSON: I had a pretty good stretch. I'm happy about my play overall. If I look back on it, critical was my putting. My putting wasn't very good overall, and what if I had the old stroke back, but I can't play that game. I can talk about it but I can't play that game.

Q. You've played four weeks in a row now. Do you take a little break?

TOM WATSON: I'm going to play three weeks, play the Tradition and the Wal Mart First Tee and play the Constellation Energy Classic in Baltimore, and then I'll play the last tournament of the year.

Q. Ball striking wise are you happy with your ball striking?

TOM WATSON: Not the last few days. I didn't keep the ball in play the last few days. A little bit off.

Q. At 17 was that a 9 iron?

TOM WATSON: 9 iron, yeah.

Q. That had to feel pretty good?

TOM WATSON: Sure, when you hit it a foot, it feels good. I had several shots like that this week, and I hit I played some good quality shots this week, but I didn't keep the ball in play off the tee well enough. The course fooled me a little bit today, and I just felt that I didn't feel, I just know that I didn't play enough quality shots today. As I said yesterday, I had to play I could afford maybe one error today, and I made about a half a dozen errors today.

Q. All in all, it could have gone better but in a lot of ways

TOM WATSON: Yeah, it was a good July. I can't complain. A 3rd at the British Open against the kids, I played half decently, then I won, then finished Top 10 here. It wasn't too bad a run.

Q. Plus playing with Jack at his last British.

TOM WATSON: That was a special event. It really was.

Q. Good enough.

TOM WATSON: A lot of memories. Thanks.

End of FastScripts.

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