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April 10, 2015

Henrik Stenson


Q.  What do you think about Jordan's game?
HENRIK STENSON:  He is very impressive.  The strongest part of his game over the time that I've known him over these last couple of years is definitely his putting and his pitching and wedge game.  When he's playing obviously as he is he hits a lot of fairways and greens and sticks the other ones in there close, as well.
But his putting is the one thing that stands out.  He's made so many great putts are.  And he's made so many hard, difficult, Augusta putts, as well, with perfect speed with so much break and so much speed, sensitive, coming down and across, and he's made so many great putts, and that's why he's far ahead of everyone else.
Yeah, he's definitely living up to the expectations of him coming in here playing great and doing what he's doing for these first two days.

Q.  How impressed were you with his makeup for his age, for 21?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, I mean‑‑ yeah, he's definitely an old head on young shoulders, isn't he?  He's playing strategically.  He's playing very mature.  And, yeah, not making too many mistakes, and you can just sense that he's coming in here with some great form and a bit of wind in his sails.  But when you do make a mistake, and he's been out in the trees a couple of times, but there's been a shot there for him and he's taken it and done great from there.  Almost holed out on 14 yesterday from the pine straw and hit a great shot and almost made birdie on 7.  He's been off a couple of times, but made some great recovery shots.  And he hit it in the trees on 13, it bounced back down on the fairway, laid it up and pitch and a putt and makes the birdie.
He's taking his chances when he gets them.  And just keeps on pouring birdies when he's doing the good stuff.  So in my opinion it's‑‑ we want to see how the leaderboard looks at the end of the day, but right now he's in a great position given how solid he's playing and putting.
You get those nice breaks, as well, so all credit and he's playing great.

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