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April 10, 2015

Matias Dominguez


Q.  (No Microphone.)
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  The course was tough today.  The wind was going every where.
Then I was working kind of hard to make the cut and definitely on 13 it gave me a chance to make an eagle and take advantage of it, so it put me back in position to maybe make the cut.  Unfortunately, I didn't place the ball well enough to work it close.
(Wind noise.)
Q.You played with a couple of past champions the last two days, what did you learn and what was the cool thing about that?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  Well, I think how well they know the yardages.  Just how well they know their stuff.  How they act under tournament conditions.  They really hit it really good.  So I think that is something that I can really learn from it.

Q.  I would think that the hole‑in‑one might be the highlight, but I don't know.  What kind of reaction have you gotten about that?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  I would say that was probably the most fun about this trip this week was the Par‑3 Tournament, making a hole‑in‑one on the same hole as Jack Nicklaus did.
So I think that that will, I will remember that forever and that really made my week.  Other than that, I didn't make the cut, but I'm happy with how I played, I gave my best.  Now I get to go watch with my friends.

Q.  What did you hit on that hole?  On the hole‑in‑one?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  On the hole‑in‑one?  It was 123 yards, the wind was into us, so I hit a really small wedge.  It landed about seven yards behind the pin and worked it back.

Q.  I saw your coach and some people had some chairs set up at 18.  Did they have a chair for you to sit later and watch golf?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  Yeah, I don't know, I haven't had a chance to see them yet.

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