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April 10, 2015

Jim Furyk


Q.  Talk about, Tiger comes along, we've never seen this before.  Rory comes along.  Jordan Spieth is 10‑under par in 23 holes.  There's always somebody that does something, isn't there, that is sort of different?
JIM FURYK:  It's very ‑‑ not taking anything away from what Jordan does, I love the kid and I think he's a wonderful player and that score is phenomenal, but it's out there.
Greens are not as quick as I've seen them in the past, the golf course is soft.  I'm stopping 6‑irons and 5‑irons on greens that I haven't been able to do that in a long time, because it's damp.  The conditions are there.
Now if this breeze kicks up this afternoon, it's going to make it a little bit tougher.  I'm definitely rooting for no rain, because I like this course setup for me.
But it's out there.  But, what's really ‑‑ he's separated himself from the field, and that's pretty impressive.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
JIM FURYK:  You have to hit it in a good position in the fairway.  Once you do that, it's actually a very ‑‑ you'll probably see more birdies to that pin or to the other front right pin.  Those two on the right, you'll see more birdies than you will when the pin's up on the left.
But if you hit an errant tee shot or, I hit it down the right side and really needed to turn and cut a 5‑iron and put the ball like, to me, up on the left side of the green, it's just, you're not going to get the first putt inside about five or six feet.
So, but if you can drive it in play, in the middle of that fairway, guys are going to have a 7‑ or 8‑iron in their hand, there's a bowl right in the front right of the green, and from there it's just a straight uphill, 15‑footer for birdie.
It's actually very ‑‑ guys will be licking their chops today, because they know they can use that bowl, get the ball to collect and have a nice uphill birdie putt and there's not very many times that you get that.

Q.  Wait now and see what happens?

Q.  Still nice comeback.
JIM FURYK:  I appreciate that.  I worked hard.

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