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April 9, 2015

Adam Scott


Q.  How is it going?

Q.  Solid start to your round.  You might have liked a few more, but you're not out of this thing being where you are.
ADAM SCOTT:  No, it was okay.  Sloppy finish with bogey on 18.  Unfortunately, couldn't scramble there.  I was slightly out of position.
Just a little disappointing because, to walk off with 2‑under, I would be pretty pleased with that with not playing my best, not playing my worst.  But it would have been nice to have taken advantage of it today.

Q.  You just couldn't get that momentum that you were looking for.  You would miss a birdie chance or something and then things caught up with you, didn't it?  Sort of not getting the mid‑range ones to go.
ADAM SCOTT:  No, I didn't give myself a lot of chances until back nine.  I thought I had a few chances there.
To not birdie 15, just turned things to finish the wrong way.  Unfortunately, it would have been nice to birdie 15 from where I was.
Would have been nice to hit a nice shot on 16 and make a nice par and then finish nicely.  But I ended up trying to scramble on 16 and 18 and couldn't quite get it in.

Q.  What did you hit into 13?  You were a little right of the pin there.  What were you feeling there when you hit that shot?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, yeah, a little bit.  There was five right of the pin, so I had a little room there.

Q.  What about 15, what did you hit in there?
ADAM SCOTT:  I hit a 5‑iron in there.

Q.  Do you have to be a little more aggressive tomorrow or is it still early?
ADAM SCOTT:  It's condition dependent.  The greens are still very soft today.  We have this nice weather.  They're going to just get dryer and dryer.
But I've got three days to chip away at the leaders.  It would be great to go out and have a nice round and do it in one day and be right there, but as long as I put in a solid day tomorrow, I'll be in good shape for the weekend.  It all changes on the weekend.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think he did really well.  I played with him last Saturday, so I knew how he played.  He composed nicely after he got in a little bit of trouble.  He made some mistakes, probably everyone has, I have certainly made them in a couple of the wrong spots, and it cost him a couple of shots each time.
But he came back well from that and held it together and there's every possibility he has a nice round tomorrow and sticks around for the weekend and tries to get that low amateur.

Q.  Nice to talk to Dustin on the way around?
ADAM SCOTT:  Wasn't much talk going on.  Small stuff, really.  It was down to business.  Trying to figure out how to get around the best we can.  There's no room for your mind wandering around here.

Q.  You must have been feeling kind of good, when you ‑‑
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I was feeling good.  I was grinding hard and it was all good stuff, but you can't do that all day around here.  You got to take advantage when you can.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
ADAM SCOTT:  No, but I'm sure Gary would approve.

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