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April 8, 2015

Matias Dominguez


Q.  We just wanted to see if you could talk about your first official round at the Masters, at the Par 3?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  It was over my expectations.  I mean, it was really fun to have everyone real excited.  My girlfriend got to caddie, too, that made it a lot of fun.  She was real excited.  She was real nervous at the beginning.
Then making a hole‑in‑one, even better.  I can't ask for ‑‑

Q.  Tell us more about the hole‑in‑one.
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  The hole‑in‑one, it happened that it was my‑‑ the perfect yardage for me.  It was 123.  That is my favorite number.  Actually, I just hit a good shot over the pin, came back, and I saw all the people like, It's going in, it's going in.  Suddenly everyone just goes crazy.

Q.  Did you get a loud reaction?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  Yeah, it was‑‑ yeah.

Q.  What is your kind of plan going into tomorrow?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  Just going to have a little rest tonight.  I have a dinner, an inaugural dinner, I guess.  Then just teeing off at 12:20 with Angel Cabrera and Louis Oosthuizen.

Q.  Are you excited about being paired with those two?
MATIAS DOMINGUEZ:  Absolutely.  I couldn't have got a better pair.  Both are really nice guys.

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