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April 8, 2015

Trevor Immelman


Q.テつ We just wanted to get a couple quick quotes from you about your hole‑in‑one on No. 5?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ Yeah, a lot of fun.テつ First one ever on a par‑3.テつ I had one on the big course, five in the tournament, so that's just awesome.テつ But first time in the par‑3.

Q.テつ Did you get a good crowd reaction?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ Yeah, it was great.テつ It was on No. 5, so there was a lot of people on the bank on the left.テつ Hit a wedge, pitching wedge, and pitched about 15 feet behind and left of the hole, spun all the way down.テつ When it went in everybody stood up cheered.

Q.テつ Everybody cheered.テつ Must have been a good feeling?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ It was great.

Q.テつ How was it playing with a trio of South Africans?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ It's great.テつ These guys, we kind of grew up coming through the ranks together.テつ Major winners in their own right.テつ A lot of fun to be out there with them and have a good time.

Q.テつ How are you feeling for this week?
TREVOR IMMELMAN:テつ I'm looking forward to it.テつ Any time you have the opportunity, it's exciting.

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